Melbourne band Firetail’s new EP delivers their very own brand of jazz-tronica

Melbourne band Firetail’s new EP delivers their very own brand of jazz-tronica

Words by Jordan McCarthy

Melbourne jazz-tronica outfit Firetail released their second EP 'Glow Worm' on November 26.

Glow Worm was released on November 26 on 10” vinyl and encapsulates a huge variety of musical styles. You realise from the opener, this mazy American spoken-word intro, that you’re in for a lot more than a mild jazz record.

Local collaborations abound on the five-track EP, with songs ranging from dream pop, psych rock/jazz all the way through to drum N Bass.

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Melbourne vocalist Maya Vice delivers her gorgeous, powerful vocals to second single ‘Bruce Lee Water’, while local violinist, vocalist and composer Happy Axe bring her multi-faceted skill set to third single “Axe Painting”.


There’s also Carnatic influences, a South Indian musical legacy that puts a strong emphasis on vocals, and a melding of jazz and electronic influences that isn’t afraid to challenge the listener. Formed in 2018 as a collaborative recording project by composer and bassist Jamie McElhinney, the band has developed an ambient approach to song-writing that blends soul-infused rhythms with evocative melodies and driving percussion.

From the bands earliest days playing warehouse parties and monthly dive bar residencies, the group was quickly swept into the festival scene playing shows such as Tanglewood, Folk Rhythm and Life, The Village Festival and has continued to push musical boundaries by collaborating with a wide variety of guest vocalist and instrumentalist. The result is colliding compositions that never stays in the box for long.

Firetail will be celebrating the EP release with a launch party at the Evelyn Hotel on December 4 with Squid Nebula, TERA and Geo supporting.

With the show sure to highlight their eclectic sound showcasing their experience from the early days of playing warehouse parties and dive bars to becoming festival regulars.

Tickets are on sale now here.