Meet SQUARE UP, the ‘first of its kind’ Melbourne concert solely celebrating Victorian artists

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Meet SQUARE UP, the ‘first of its kind’ Melbourne concert solely celebrating Victorian artists

Words By Riley Barber

Produced by Melbourne tastemakers and creative innovators The Operatives.

The Operatives will be debuting their innovative new event, SQUARE UP, in May. The exciting new project will see musicians, DJs and visual artists share a custom-built stage in a live, collaborative setting, complete with an original visual and laser show.

What you need to know

  • The Operatives are debuting their exciting new project SQUARE UP on Friday May 14
  • The event will see a diverse range of musicians, DJs and visual artists share the stage in a collaborative performance
  • SQUARE UP will take place at The Forum and tickets for the show are on sale now

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The project will showcase a range of exclusively Victorian artists in what is promised to be a multi-layered performance.

“The last year has seen us boxed in, separated from everything we know as artists, agents, promoters, production crews, venue owners/management and artist management.

“I felt a need to develop an idea that focused on collaboration and involving the best talent from Victoria, with a level of production not seen for some of the younger artists out there,” says founder and director of The Operatives, Jerry Poon.

SQUARE UP will showcase genres such as soul, hip hop, R&B, grime, dancehall, jazz, house, techno, drum and bass and more. It will feature artists from all backgrounds, including culturally and linguistically diverse performers, as well as those who identify as First Nations and/or LGBTIQ+.

To the lineup, and some of those set to perform include Jordan Dennis, Akosia, Billy Davis, Blush’ko, c000kie, Jaydean, Amin Payne and many more, while DJs Swerv, Kaira Cuvee and Nam will be behind the decks. Isaiah Morris will be the creative behind the accompanying visual and laser show.

SQUARE UP is pushing the boundaries of a regular concert experience, one that promotes the essence of collaboration and togetherness. The custom-built stage will allow artists to freely overlap and intertwine on the stage and on the fly at any one time.

For those not across The Operatives, they are one of Melbourne’s most respected creative collectives. Boasting DJs, producers, singers and songwriters, radio hosts, audio engineers, photographers, videographers, writer and artists, the collective has existed for 16 years, producing and promoting sold-out tours, events and festivals, and promoting local talent.

SQUARE UP is just one of many pioneering events The Operatives have produced and will produce going forward.


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SQUARE UP goes down at The Forum on Friday May 14. Grab tix here.