Meet Enamoured Iris, the creatives behind the teaser clips for Beyond The Valley, Pitch and more

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Meet Enamoured Iris, the creatives behind the teaser clips for Beyond The Valley, Pitch and more

Enamoured Iris
Words by Anna Rose

The evolution of storytelling has begun. Enamoured Iris, the Melbourne video production company capturing the romance between two optical relationships, the camera lens and the human eye, have a vision to make everything they work on as memorable as an experience at the cinema.

This, according to director Paddy Hassall, through marketing, advertising and video production, is going to change your music festival experience entirely.

“What we’re trying to focus on is emotive storytelling,” says Hassall. “There’s a gap between marketing and filmmaking we’ve been trying to bridge.”

In bridging said gap, Hassall and his visionary team are making videos and marketing one and the same, turning the two into one exciting and creative tool that captures (and sells) an experience.

“Every music festival is a brand and our goal is to help them transition into becoming a lifestyle brand.

“That’s at the core of it. If you’re convinced an advertisement is worth pursuing and learning more about, that means the messaging has been effective, and you’re on the way to becoming a lifestyle brand – that’s the hardest bit, right?

“Because people are so time poor, no one has any time for anything unless it really resonates and connects with that person. That’s what marketing is for us.”

With Enamoured Iris only having so much time to capture their audience’s attention, they’re meticulous about encapsulating each music festival, their tone and their demographic to sell the brand.

“There’s the arm of marketing and changing brand perception – it’s on a consumer level, but from our perspective it’s interesting seeing a different side of music festivals and experiencing it as a punter would.

“That’s how you differentiate each festival – ‘What’s the ultimate experience for anyone going to that music event?’ – then we replicate, capture it. Act as if you’re a punter at the festival.

Finding the line between serious and fun, Hassall says Enamoured Iris don’t want to come off sales-like; they are real, down-to-earth people.

“I think that’s why we’ve been successful,” he says. “Because we’ve been a bit cheeky, we all like getting our hands dirty and we’re massive nerds.

“We’ve put together the best filmmakers in Australia, the best shooters, that’s why the content is so good. We all have a lot of fun making the vision creative – we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty and we all like the music we’re listening to, so it’s easier to capture the content and be immersed in it.

“We like hanging out with the punters – I think that’s how you get the best shots. Talking to people and exploring.”

Enamoured Iris are currently working with some pretty diverse festivals, claiming the cinematic and universally-watched teaser videos of the likes of Beyond The Valley, Pitch Music & Arts, and Grapevine as their own.

The essence of each festival has been captured on film to create not only a wicked marketing tool for festival runners, but a memorable experience for the attendees to look back on.

“The consistent process for everything is that it’s collaborative,” says Hassall. “We spend a week brainstorming: looking into trends, what people are watching, and how the video has performed the year before. We bring with that a lot of film inspiration – we’re all cinephiles [and] a lot of the film techniques, we’ve used before.

“We did a star lapse one year, staying up from 1am to 5am with a slider capturing the stars underneath a tree. You have to keep pushing to do something different.

“Everyone behind the festival is unique. They usually have a core message of what they want to do and what the epitome of the perfect festival experience would be. Then all you’re doing is finding people at the location and capturing a unique moment that people are sharing. It has to be authentic, though.”

To find out more about Enamoured Iris and to check out all the festivals they’ve been working on, head to

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