Matt Joyce brings a ’90s alt-rock revival with his catchy new single, ‘No Surprises’

Matt Joyce brings a ’90s alt-rock revival with his catchy new single, ‘No Surprises’

Taking inspiration from the likes of John Mayer and Dominic Fike, this heartfelt, poppy number is certain to get stuck in your head.

Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Matt Joyce has revealed his latest single, ‘No Surprises’. Written and self-recorded in his bedroom where Joyce transformed his wardrobe into a makeshift studio, the track is melodically and lyrically simple, though not to its detriment.

Channelling influences ranging from John Mayer and Rob Thomas to Third Eye Blind and Dominic Fike, Joyce draws from the distinct sounds of ’90s alt-rock, resulting in an undeniably nostalgic energy.

Having played the guitar since he was six, Joyce’s ability to write and play uncomplicated yet affecting melodies is instantly apparent on ‘No Surprises’.

Shimmering guitars serve as a subtle backdrop to the lyric-driven track, leaving room for Joyce’s vocals to take centre stage. That said, the melody never fades into the background, instead serving as a platform for everything else to glide by effortlessly while you mindlessly tap along to the beat.

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All I ask is that there’s no surprises“, Joyce repeats throughout the track as he riffs on being in love with someone who is exciting yet unpredictable.

It’s this repetitive lyricism that makes ‘No Surprises’ so catchy. By the time you’ve reached the end of the tune, you already feel like you know all the lyrics and when it stops playing, you’ll keep on singing that chorus over and over.

Adding further incentive to sing along, the film clip looks like something you’d see on a karaoke machine – complete with lyrics and all.

Following Joyce around Melbourne, the clip is another ode to the ’90s, lending from the distinct aesthetic of film clips from that era with its choppy cuts and old-school editing.

Check out the film clip for ‘No Surprises’ below. 

‘No Surprises’ is out now. For more from Matt Joyce, head to his website