Making the Metro Tunnel explores construction through art

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Making the Metro Tunnel explores construction through art

Making the Metro Tunnel

The contemporary art show takes its inspiration from Melbourne's massive Metro Tunnel Project.

It’s hard not to see the beauty in a project of such colossal proportions as the Metro Tunnel Project. So far, workers have clocked over 40 million hours into the ten-year-long project, set to be completed in 2025. Recently, the tunnel reached the testing phase and the team behind the project has chosen to celebrate the big milestone in a slightly unordinary (but classically Melbourne) manner – with a tunnel-inspired art show.

Presented by the Metro Tunnel Creative Program, Making the Metro Tunnel will run from Wednesday to Sunday, April 1 to May 7 at South Yarra’s Domain House gallery and is free to anyone who visits.

Making the Metro Tunnel

  • The contemporary art show is centred around the theme of the Metro Tunnel Project
  • It will run from April 1 to May 7 at the Domain House
  • Entry is free

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For the exhibition, Australian contemporary artists have created works that follow a subterranean tunnel theme, drawing inspiration from “archaeological digs, heavy machinery, the aesthetics of worksites and worker’s equipment”.

Using ceramics, paint, cross-stitching, and even significant objects found during the tunnel digging process, artists muse on the power of the tunnel.


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For sculptor Daniel Agdag’s piece titled The Instrumental, he drew from the project’s tunnel boring machine and met with one of the project’s tunneling experts. Chelsea Gustafsson has painted visual references that showcase skilled work, including hardhats, hi-vis vests, steel-capped boots and safety glasses.

Also as part of the exhibition, the Metro Tuned Creative Program has teamed up with the Roya Botanical Gardens Victoria to give four local artists the chance to explore the State Botanical Collection at the National Herbarium of Victoria. The pieces made as a result of the collaboration will also be featured at the exhibition.

To visit the Making the Metro Tunnel exhibition, head here.