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Issue 1702

Words by Lucas Radbourne

Guten tag, November – this month we finally get an electronic act on the cover. St Thrillda says willkommen to Claptone this month for one of his enigmatic house spectaculars, but his presence also masquerades our tribute to ALWAYS LIVE, the 160 show, three-month-long live music program happening across Victoria thanks to Dandrew’s commitment to keeping us all on the beers (if not something a little x-tra).

We keep raising the BPM throughout, meeting three of Melbourne’s best emerging electronic collectives, who tell us how they’re changing the face of this city’s clubbing culture. It’s just warming you all up for when we launch our petition – if Berghain actually closes down for good, they’ll relocate it to somewhere on Chapel Street.

For the comedown, we speak to Sly Withers about the “diva” process of ensuring your ideas make a record. Speaking of divas, we speak to newfound musical theatre star Paulini about Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. Most importantly though, we shine a light on how exorbitant insurance premiums are threatening our live music scene.

Assuming Melbourne actually has enough people to attend any more events this month, the Queer Film Festival also kicks off in November. We speak to the directors of Victorian Queens, a film that dives into the city’s diverse and burgeoning drag communities. That’s enough, get into it already.