Issue 1688

Words by Caleb Triscari

Editor’s note

Just because we’re a little over one month out from 2020 doesn’t mean the year’s slowing down. Far from it, in fact, there are plenty of good things to look forward to: good food, good tidings at Christmas (before my Catholic guilt kicks in) and, of course, Good Things festival. The December delight is welcoming none other than raucous Aussie headliners Parkway Drive to the stage, so we thought we’d hit them up for a quick one-on-one about what this festival means to them. This issue is also jam-packed with a chat with The Butterfly Effect and a deep dive into the mysterious world of US singer and YouTube personality Poppy. Dress wisely for Good Things, last year’s Melbourne leg was absolutely scorching.

Speaking of heat, if the past month or so has taught us anything, it’s that the hotter climate is well and truly here (be it natural or otherwise). Longer days mean plenty more time to spend outside, which is why we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the summer markets you need to hit these holidays. Let’s be real, everyone needs a cute, artisanal trinket for the home — especially your mum. Come on, mums love that shit.

Be it a smoking hot lineup or a balmy summer’s evening, Beat 1688 is here to prove that good times come all year round. Melbourne, what’s good?