Macklemore proved he is a one-man performing machine

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Macklemore proved he is a one-man performing machine


His frequent collaborations with such talented musicians and densely packed tracks are larger than life and sonically expansive. So when one man walks onto a stage to present the radio staples that we all know – and mostly love – it can be a bit jarring.


But man oh man does the man know how to entertain. His shoulders seem to take the weight of the entire show with ease. Though he has a bit of help along the way, it never feels like he needs it, the extras are simply a fun and entertaining addition to the show.


He arrived to the Festival Hall stage to the sound of trumpets, alongside frequent collaborator Eric Nally, for ‘Ain’t Gonna Die Tonight’ – the two of them backed by the show’s live band.


Though the aforementioned radio staples are universally known for their catchy hooks and cheeky lines, Macklemore expertly treads the line between being accessible and recognisable to the mainstream and remaining lyrically challenging.


‘Marmalade’ and ‘Thrift Shop’ rounded out a brilliant opening few tunes, while closing tracks ‘Glorious’ and ‘Downtown’galvanised the entire, sweaty crowd with an insane amount of joy.


Before launching into a powerful rendition of ‘Same Love’, the marriage equality anthem particularly pertinent considering the shift that took place in Australia last year, Macklemore acknowledged last year’s NRL Grand Final performance.


Leading up the performance, in a time before the postal vote for marriage equality returned a resounding yes, there was public discussion as to whether the musician should perform the track, including from ex-Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Macklemore confessed to the audience that he was nervous to perform that show, but “when I held that mic, I felt something from the audience. No hatred, no fear. From the bottom of my heart, congratulations Australia.”


The applause said more than any hatred ever could.


Highlight: Being reminded how far we’ve come as a nation in regards to human rights in so little time.

Lowlight: Waking up on Wednesday morning and having to go to work.

Crowd Favourite: ‘Thrift Shop’ will always have a special place in our hearts.