Los Chicos are gearing up to celebrate their latest rockin’ release

Los Chicos are gearing up to celebrate their latest rockin’ release

Spanish troubadours Los Chicos know how to party, having raged for the past nineteen years all over the world.

They are set to hit Australia to play a string of live shows, including a series of support slots with Radio Birdman and a headline show at The Tote for Melbourne Cup Day.

Expressing his excitement at touring Australia once again, vocalist Rafa Suñén extends his respect to those he will be sharing the stage with – Radio Birdman, The Stems, The New Christs and other bands playing alongside Los Chicos.

“It’s still like a dream come true for us [to go to Australia],” Suñén says. “Even more when we are playing with bands that are key to our lives, like Radio Birdman. We play rock’n’roll because of them. We played with them on their last year’s tour and it was rock’n’roll heaven.

“We’d met the guys before and we got on great. We’re playing with them again, which is beyond our dreams and is the best motivation to get out there and burn onstage.”

Radio Birdman is just the start for Los Chicos, however, with some of the other bands proving to be inspirations too.

“We also have The Stems on the same bill and we are also gonna play with The New Christs! They are good friends and so essential to us as a band. We wouldn’t be the same band if it wasn’t for their inspiration.

“We will also be playing with the Hard-Ons, a band we have loved since we were teenagers, and Kid Congo! So many friends that have bands that we almost feel part of, like The Meanies, 300 St. Claire, Mesa Cosa, the Breadmakers, Les Yé-Yé Girls, Pipón’s Exotica and Tim’s Mod Vigil.

“We’ll also be able to see The Sunday Reeds and Rocket Science again, and discover so many bands thanks to River Rocks Festival. Not to forget our brother and sister band, the almighty Thee Cha Cha Chas!”

Los Chicos released their latest album By Medical Prescription last year and it’s as exciting as you could expect from such a striking band.

“I was quite vibed up because I wanted to make right what bored me about the [last] album. We kind of went for what you would find on the Crypt Records roster from their heyday. We were super focused on getting the “go-for-broke” vocals and performance.

“It was easy to make. We had Johnny Casino with us to produce it, who is our mentor and brother, and he helped us to trust ourselves with deeper songs like ‘Nothing’. We are still super proud of By Medical Prescription, although I can’t wait to record the next one and move to a new level.”

Suñén fondly reflects on the band’s musical journey, musing that while they have refined their skills, their unbridled energy hasn’t wavered one bit.

“When we formed Los Chicos, we were pretty unformed as musicians and personally, we were a bunch of demented kalimotxo [wine and Coca Cola] drinking machines in their early twenties,” Suñén says. “We’ve learned a few things in 19 years playing in the band, we like to think we know how to write better songs than before and maybe now we play a bit better too.

“The energy of our live shows was there right from day one. Maybe nowadays we don’t hammer a full bottle of whisky and ten litres of kalimotxo… we might just do the kalimotxo bit. We’ve learned, but not too much.

“I mean, what do you do if you are [a] big star? How do you top that first album? Better to learn in front of everyone. We despise perfection, but somehow we perfected our own weird and crazy Chico shit, just not too much. That’s the secret.”

Los Chicos support Radio Birdman at The Croxton on Monday November 4 and play a headline show at The Tote on Tuesday November 5 (Cup Day). Grab your tickets via the respective venue websites.