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Linas has an uncanny knack for the complex and technical aspects of music production

He’s essentially a baby-faced producer who has a real penchant for not only being abreast of the latest sound, but also an uncanny knack for the complex and technical aspects of music production – that means there are no accidents or flukes. Everything that comes out of the speakers during a performance from one of Melbourne’s most talented young producers is on point.


Indeed, looking at him, you’d think he was maybe in his early twenties – a bedroom DJ that has spent many years honing – no, perfecting his craft – before he was willing to impart his wisdom on hoards of adulating fans. For his enthusiasm and energy are profound – just 30 seconds with Linas helps one understand a little more about his elusive and brilliant character. And years on, he remains consciously committed to his dark and shadowy origins through all of his abstract and twisted blueprints.

His formula is almost always completely basic, yet somehow he manages to create super-rich musical soundscapes.

And staying hip and with it is part of that process. He explains, “The single biggest inspiration for me always has been technology. I’ve loved the software and hardware I’ve used over the years as much as the music itself. Often I get the basis of a track by using software and hardware in the most bizarre ways – in ways perhaps that they’re not intended to be! Also as always, I’ve been listening to truck-loads of music which is always inspirational.”

“This year I’ve been producing lots of tracks again and have slowed down tempo wise a great deal, while trying to retain a tough and full sound, so most of my more recent stuff is sitting at or above 128bpm. It’s been fun doing things slower, I’ve also started writing Hip-hop and Trip-hop instrumental tracks. The live setup I’m using at the moment can be summarised as a sort of three-deck (Traktor) setup with effects units and an SU700 sampler. With this, I can for example take high hats off one track, a bass drum from another, add my own synths and percussion and make a new unique track on the fly. It’s great fun.”

Certainly, this live setup lends itself to creativity and control never before seen in the DJ booth. No less, a local Melbourne crew has lined up a party featuring two of the world’s hottest techno artists – with Linas lending perfect support. “


Yeah, the gig is a big one indeed! Two top internationals playing on the tougher side of the techno spectrum – wow! I’m approaching this gig differently, since I’m technically playing a semi-live set and for the first time I’ll be using not just my own material. The whole digital DJ side of things has really matured in the last few years and what this software allows you to do is amazing. I’ve always disliked DJ sets, which smoothly mix one track as it’s ending into a new one.

I want to create something new on the spot. The new software that’s emerging now really lends itself to doing that and this is what has sparked my interest in taking up the DJ side of things.”


Linas [AUS] plays MXML feat. Industrialyzer and Vigril Energizer at Miss Libertine on Saturday October 2.