Kindred turns 18: The Footscray favourite is hosting a week of gigs for its big birthday bash

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Kindred turns 18: The Footscray favourite is hosting a week of gigs for its big birthday bash

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Words by Michael Pasahidis

Kindred is celebrating 18 of the best and we're all invited to the party!

Your favourite studio-cross-bandroom is all grown up! To celebrate their 18th birthday, they’re throwing an action-packed party week, uniting kindred spirits with a call to come and enjoy some spirits (or beer and wine!) at Kindred.

And what would a party be without the entertainment? April 10 is set to kick off a week of incredible talent and diverse musicality, exemplifying exactly why Kindred has solidified itself as a muso’s favourite among the Melbourne scene.

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Songlines Showcase

  • Wednesday, April 10

To kick off, the Aboriginal Music Corporation will be programming a night of music, showcasing Indigenous music and songs as a contemporary cultural artform, as well as a celebration of the history surrounding such. Don’t miss what is sure to be a beautiful, educational and talent-filled first night.

Flow Motion

  • Thursday, April 11
  • Including Emma Volard, Nikodimos, Kuzich, Angus Ingram, bbsanii and Monty Price, all supported by the Kindred Super-Band

A night of improv? How very Melbourne! Flow Motion at Kindred will feature an insanely talented line-up of Melbourne’s very finest, promising to provide more than two hours of high-energy, groove-filled food for the ears. What’s more, it’s all improvised, so anything can happen. The show will also be free, making an easy decision that much easier.

Destrends, In Xira, Cherry Factory, Operation Karma and Solstice Indigo

  • Friday, April 12
  • Destrends, In Xira, Cherry Factory, Operation Karma and Solstice Indigo

In what Kindred describes as the headline of the week, Destrends, In Xira and Co. will again grace the stage of the Kindred Bandroom as they have so many times before. With this night, Kindred aims to celebrate the plethora of bands that have helped build and solidify the venue as a powerhouse in Melbourne music by reinviting some the venue’s frequents. Tickets are limited and 18+. Luckily, Kindred is now old enough to celebrate!

Ras Jahknow, N’fa Jones and Sensible J

  • Saturday, April 13, 4pm
  • Ras Jahknow, N’fa Jones & Sensible J

These guys will be providing a reggae-esque, hip-hop -nfused set that will blow Saturday-afternoon minds. Powered by Joe Dubs’ Solidarity Soundsystem, these guys are set to shake the Kindred Bandroom. Doors will fling open at 4pm, and it’s free entry, so be there! You might as well stick around too, because…

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  •  Saturday night, April 13
  • Chant Down Sound with Troublemekka, Joe Dubs, Sista Itations, Long Beach, Shottaz and Quashani Bahd

…there’s a reggae and dancehall party! In what’s poised to be probably the downright coolest night of this massive week, Jesse I and Ras Crucial from Chant Down Sound are leading an ensemble of Dancehall heavyweights to pick up where the Ras Jahknow left off. The event promises to trace the roots of Jamaican reggae from its origin through to its contemporary manifestations, all conveyed on the beautifully bass-heavy canvas that is the Solidarity Soundsystem. Woah!

Lucid Dreaming: Catherine McQuade’s Perfect Storm 

  • Sunday, April 14
  • Catherine McQaude, with Rosie Westbrook and Sally Ford and The Idiomatics

The ethereally marvellous Catherine McQuade will headline a night of funky sonic exploration, bringing her melancholic yet adventurous repertoire to Kindred’s equally enigmatic stage. With support from guitar virtuoso Rosie Westbrook, as well as the incredibly polished instrumentalism from Sally Ford and the Idiomatics, it will be a night not many can forget.

Halo Vocal Ensemble

  • Monday, April 15
  • Halo Vocal Ensemble, with singers still to be announced and a very special guest

Halo Vocal Ensemble will be bringing a workshop and performance to Kindred on April 15, bringing along with them vocal harmonies that will promise to scratch all itches. Led by the formidable Liona Tatafu, the Halo Vocal Ensemble have collaborated with artists such as SKYE, Kaitt and Thando, and consistently pull together performances that are hard not to enjoy.

African Drumming Workshop and Performance 

  • Tuesday, April 16
  • Free African drumming workshop, Drum Nation followed by a Drumming Ensemble

To cap off an incredible week, Kindred will be getting educational. Ray Pereira will be bringing along his expertise to teach African Drumming to anyone interested! The workshop is free, and drums will be provided. Following the session, there will be performances from Pereira’s Drum Nation and Drumming Ensemble, both comprised of his students. It’ll be a percussionist’s dream. The event is free, but you will need to RSVP for the workshop, so get going!

Kindred Bandroom is located at 3 Harris Street in Yarraville. Stay up to date with all of their events here.