Kanye West’s Movie Hilarious, Terrible, Amazing

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Kanye West’s Movie Hilarious, Terrible, Amazing


Kanye West’s 30 minute ridiculous movie makes him seem quite… eccentric.

Runaway, the extended video clip/ego-massage recently released unto the world by Kanye West, is hilarious, weird, confusing and possibly an indicator that Kanye is batshit mental.

The film runs for 30 minutes and follows a strange plotline. Kanye is driving his sweet ride and a fireball shoots down from the sky and lands on his bonnet. Goddamn, but luckily it’s an incredible hot phoenix woman who he carries to his rockin’ contemporary bachelor pad, where she frolics Snow White-style in his manicured back yard and is confused by TV news. Cut to a huge dinner at a last supper-style table where, all in white, beautiful black people dine on hefty and expensive looking culinary delights. Kanye takes a break to perform a song with a bunch of random ballet dancers and then, after a pheasant is served, crazy hot phoenix girl freaks the hell out. Er, then there’s an extended sex scene and somewhere in there there’s a marching band with a giant inflatable Michael Jackson head. "I’ll never let you burn." *headdesk*