Parklife 2010 Gives Back To Australia

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Parklife 2010 Gives Back To Australia


After a successful five state tour Parklife donates over $40,000 to Indingenous young people!

Parklife 2010 wrapped up with a considerable contribution by organisers Fuzzy to their charity of choice, Heaps Decent an organisation that promotes the creativity of underprivileged and Indigenous young people!

Parklife 2010 began in Adelaide on October 4 and then made its way through Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney featuring a diverse medley of acts from indie rock group Darwin Deez, classic dance heads Groove Armada, electro innovators Soulwax to Aussie dance rising stars Bag Raiders.

With the donations amassing to just under $43,000 this is certainly a contribution that will make a difference for Indigenous young people.

At Melbourne Parklife was certainly impressed by Darwin Deez’ stage antics and nerdishly amazing choreography. Click here to checkout a low quality (or DIY) clip of their antics from Sydney Parklife 2010 or watch the totally radcore Radar Detector below that will make you feel like you are 19 and studying arts at Melbourne Uni and telling your friends how edgy Reality Bites is and that Nietzsche was really an optimist.