Joel Creasey is defending his title as Australia’s resident Blonde Bombshell

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Joel Creasey is defending his title as Australia’s resident Blonde Bombshell


Blonde Bombshell, Joel Creasey, has had another big year. Not only has he been busy bringing the funny to television events such as Eurovision and Mardi Gras, dishing the dirt in his best-selling memoir Thirsty and doing some acting in shows such as Sisters and Neighbours, he’s also fallen in love – with his brand new air conditioner.

He shared the unfolding romance with his 90,000 followers on social media earlier in the year. “Oh my god! People have really loved my Insta-stories about my air conditioner,” he says. “I just said to Jack ‘That air conditioner is the best thing to ever happen to me’ and he goes ‘Oh, okay. Thanks.’” he says, imitating the crestfallen response of his actual-human boyfriend, Jack Stratton Smith. “Honestly, I love it so much.”

Creasey made his Melbourne International Comedy Festival debut back in 2010, earning himself a Best Newcomer nomination in the process. These days, thanks to appearing on every panel show in the country, hanging out in the jungle on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and, most recently, appearing as team captain on Ten’s Show Me The Movie!, he’s now a household name.

While other comedians talk about politics and changing the world, Creasey is happy to persist with sticking the knife into celebrities and pop culture. “I’m not going to change the way you view the world. You’re just going to come along and have a really good laugh and escape your world for an hour and laugh at some ridiculous shit,” he says.

His latest stand up show Blonde Bombshell, which he’s performing at the Arts Centre as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, promises plenty more tell-all tales. “I’ve got all the stories that my publisher was like ‘Joel, you can’t put that in your book! You can’t say that about these people!’ Oh please, I don’t have proof that Guy Sebastian murdered someone, but I can guess that he has at some point. So a lot of those type of things [were] where the publisher was like, ‘Joel, tone it back.”

He’ll also be talking about how he played “a slut” on Neighbours. “I take the character Rory, in my first scene, I literally coax him into a bathroom and we have sex. So yeah, that was my debut in neighbours, so I’m really method acting that one.”

Then there’ll be “all the silly shit I’ve got up to in the past year, being backstage at the Logies, the ARIAs, and all the tales I’ve gotten up to on the road. The only problem is writing this new show is that I’ve been in a relationship for the past year and being happy and in a relationship is nowhere near as funny as being depressed, drunk and single, so I’m having to make the best of that I can”.