Jack On Fire : Sermons From The Eastern Seaboard

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Jack On Fire : Sermons From The Eastern Seaboard


Mr George Hyde also whips this creature along on tracks like Terra Nullius through some equal parts gravelly and rolling terrain with some vocal leaps and twists which sort of remind me of another of Perth’s alumni, Mr Cameron Potts of Baseball fame. It is the wicked closing number Forgive Me Jesus which takes the cake here though, with Mr Ben Blakeney’s melodic moan, drifting somewhere between Nick Cave and Tim Rogers, rising and falling over a wall of claps, strings, slide guitar and a faultlessly joyous choral coda. That’s good cooking, is what that is.

With a three-pronged singing and songwriting team I am expecting an output of prolific proportions; oh please follow this up with another album ASAP. I’m spewing I haven’t seen these guys play yet, because you can just tell from some records, can’t you, that the music within will just explode when played in front of you, and reminds you, doesn’t it, that shouldn’t all records convey that about their creators?


Best Track: Forgive Me Jesus

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In A Word: Post-Colonially-Eclectic-Country-Punk