ives releases ‘Fallin’ For You’ from her upcoming second record

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ives releases ‘Fallin’ For You’ from her upcoming second record


New Zealand artist ives has released 'Fallin’ for You', the title track and lead single from ives' upcoming sophomore release.

The track was co-produced with long time collaborators Mark Perkins (Merk) & Shannon Fowler (Shannon Matthew Vanya).

The New Zealand artist has been recording since 2016, when her debut single ‘Callin’ Ur Phone’ drew significant attention, allowing her to build a consistent fan base over the past five years.

What you need to know

  • ives has released the lead single off her second album
  • ‘Fallin’ For You’ tackles the feeling of falling in love
  • It’s her first release of 2021, after dropping her ROMANTIC EP last year

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ives says ‘Fallin’ for You’ is about the “disorienting” process of falling in love.

“Like water, love takes the form of the vessel that holds it,” she says. “Love is constantly evolving and
all becoming, it is isolating and unifying, blurry and opaque. Love is forever: what we are not.”

ives is an independent artist based in Auckland, New Zealand, who got her start in the creative industry as a dancer while studying full-time in Sydney.

This is where she fell into her love of creating and performing music. ives is passionate about the amalgamation of music and movement throughout her work, and feels as though one cannot exist without the other in her world.

The video was choreographed and produced by ives but featured a huge collaborative process, with 14 different people from makeup artists and colour graders to set designers.

The result is a colourful and ethereal experience to match ives’ smooth pop vocals.

Head to Spotify to stream the track here, otherwise you can follow her on Instagram here.