Coalesce launches Melbourne Music Week showcase

Coalesce launches Melbourne Music Week showcase

Melbourne Music Week

Coalesce is launching into the live sphere by partnering with Melbourne Music Week for MMW Club: Coalesce on Thursday December 9 at Max Watts, Melbourne.

Coalesce organisers say their artists are ‘boundary-pushers, forward-thinkers, and early adopters, entrenched deep in an internet subculture that’s birthed its own creative ecosystem.’

A number of the artists will be performing their debut live sets at MMW Club: Coalesce.

What you need to know

  • Thursday December 9 2021
  • Max Watts, 125 Swanston St, Melbourne
  • A label showcase for Melbourne Music Week

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“We’re fostering a community of artists who span genres but share a core commonality,” the label said. “We’ve witnessed a scene built around music that sits at the fringes, a punk-like ethos that has moved from suburban garages to cracked-Ableton software in bedrooms.

“Coalesce represents abrasive textures, classic pop sensibilities and high-level production, whether that be reflected through hyperpop, punk or electronica. After being confined to our homes for nearly all of eighteen months, we see no better way to celebrate this music than in a dark club environment – exactly where we’ll be on December 9th.”

Full Melbourne Music Week: Coalesce lineup

Ninajirachi, daine, Banoffee (DJ), Perto, cookii, Lonelyspeck, Hearteyes, FOURA (DJ), Fresh Hex (DJ), miniskirt (DJ) + harvest (DJ).

This year, the Hub of Melbourne Music Week makes way for MMW Club – hosted at subterranean live music venue Max Watt’s. The venue will act as a centerpiece for MMW, with eight huge nights of non-stop music with local, interstate and international acts.

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