Interview: Surrealist Josh Glanc on the method behind his Comedy Festival madness

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Interview: Surrealist Josh Glanc on the method behind his Comedy Festival madness

Josh Glanc
📷 @hcmaynard
Words by Ben Lamb
In partnership with Josh Glanc

Josh Glanc is quickly gaining traction in the comedy world, his unique energy and approach to the stand-up world has garnered a great deal of attention and fans across the country.

Like all comedians and creatives over the last few years, opportunities to showcase material has been few and far between, so a full-blown festival is a welcome addition to the country.

Josh is relishing the chance, bringing his intriguing show Vroom Vroom to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and we caught up with him for the low-down on it all.

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The 2022 season also marks the return of Internationals to our stages, and there’s no question that the festival is as big as it’s ever been. “It’s pretty fantastic,” Josh says. “As a performer, to be able to do a show every night for 22 nights, I think that’s a pretty great feat. Particularly when we think about how that hasn’t really happened to the last two years.

“It’s a great festival to be to be part of. It’s, one of the premier comedy festivals in the world.”

The way the comedy world has changed is something to marvel at, and in 2022, Aussie comedy brings forth flavours of all types. There’s musical comedy thanks to Michelle Brasier, absurdist comedy thanks to performers like Demi Lardner, and sketch-oriented comedy courtesy of performers like Lano and Woodley.

Josh has found a niche within the array of styles, bringing elements of many influences into his hour show at the Greek Centre. His show being one of many this MICF, comedy fans are spoiled for choice.

“It’s [MICF] on for weeks, explore and find comedians,” Josh says, “if you’ve never heard of me, and you wanted to see something that that that is maybe a bit different, definitely give it a try, because that’s what it’s about.”

When you hear of a new comedian, it’s sometimes clear where their influences came from, you can hear elements of their idols in the work. Josh has noted a number of cool influences that’ll definitely make you want to check out his show.

“If you love Sacha Baron Cohen, if you love kind of very surreal comedy like Mighty Boosh, you should come and see my show, it’s really suited for those that really enjoy comedy.

“If you want to have a really surprising and exciting time, and constantly be on the edge of your seat and wondering what’s happening and what’s about to happen, then come to my show, that’s kind of my style.”

Something that’s outwardly clear in the world of comedy is joke writing. Unlike musicians, comedians are always needing to put completely fresh material in their shows, constantly updating to current events, and things that make them tick.

Josh has outlined his approach to comedy writing and how inspiration usually strikes, deep diving into how he comes up with his show.

“Inspiration comes at random times, what you’ve got to do is think, ‘Oh there’s something I need to work on there,” he adds. “You’ve got to capture the genesis of the idea, and you’ve got to capture that accurately.

“Otherwise, it’s really hard to come back and look and look at that idea and go, ‘What the fuck did I mean when I wrote this thing?’

“You’re constantly in this state of working, which is horrible for people around you and for yourself, because you’re never really present. Unfortunately, it’s that way when you’re in the process of making art, when you’re in the process of making a show.

“So I always make a point making sure I capture what the initial thing particularly was, and then there’ll be a point where I’m like, okay, I’m going to work on that, and try to bring out the initial idea.”

Josh Glanc makes his way to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival with Vroom Vroom. It’s on from March 31, grab your tickets here.