Interview: Acoustic Foxx challenges us to change our perspectives in ‘Glimmer’

Interview: Acoustic Foxx challenges us to change our perspectives in ‘Glimmer’

Acoustic Foxx

The power of an acoustic guitar and strong vocals delivers Acoustic Foxx’s challenge of viewpoints and life through the latest single ‘Glimmer’.

Known for exploring rock and grunge through an acoustic guitar, Acoustic Foxx, otherwise identified as Craig Williams, has released a powerfully self-reflective new single with ‘Glimmer’ on the 1st of May.

The song speaks to the concept that we all view each other differently. Most of us consider ourselves in a heavily negative light as we allow our insecurities to take hold of our image of ourselves. Williams makes the point within ‘Glimmer’s’ lyrics that how we view ourselves is different from how we view others.

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The initial guitar strums grab the listener’s focus as he draws us into his emotional song of trying to live up to the expectations of others and ourselves.

He uses the metaphor of ‘Glimmer’ with a heavier connotation as the penetrating look we receive from those around us as we all strive to betray the best person we can be, whether that be through power, beauty or love. 

Ultimately, this song is about the artist trying to figure out how to move past these image fears into just learning how to embrace each day and all the advantages that come with it.

“This song touches on something a lot of us experience during our lives that we don’t feel good enough in our own eyes, or those around us. Definitely something I’ve experienced throughout my life many times. Keeping your head up and building yourself up to take a chance because each day is a fresh start and even if it doesn’t work out, at least we tried,” Williams explained.

Different guitar riffs collide to show the artist’s insecurities seemingly taking over him, which subside when his singing becomes more self-aware of how we constantly try to improve how others see us.

In this case, the guitar riff becomes bigger and boulder towards the song’s end when the artist almost embraces his true self and does not allow his life to be run by how other people see him. This is enforced by the slowing down of the tempo as the artist seems to let go and embrace who he is.

The over four-minute-long song demonstrates the artist’s embracing of emotions and self-awareness as his beautifully sombre voice takes the listener through this journey.

As ‘Glimmer’ is sure to resonate with fans of Acoustic Foxx everywhere, Williams is glad to be sharing more of this music with the world as he turns an improvised acoustic riff into something beautiful.

“It feels good to be releasing new music again! Like most of my songs this came about with me jamming on an acoustic guitar and stumbled upon a riff of sorts that I thought hey, this could be something,” he said.

The artist put a lot of time and heart into the song to bring it to the point where it felt right, even choosing to leave the piece alone to come back to it when he was in a better headspace.

“I actually shelved the song for a year after we recorded the bed tracks because I didn’t feel it was as good as it could be. I changed the lyrics a few times and the melody in the verses took some tweaking.”

With some help from Luciano Alvaro on drums and Hugh Heller on bass, Williams produces the right energy level that he needed within the song. 

He explains that the core roots of ‘Glimmer’ remain with his powerful vocals and influential acoustic guitar. By building on top of this, he then looks at various methods that would benefit the song by incorporating different instrumental tracks and playing around with the electric guitar parts of the song.

Therefore, this leads to the songwriter making a move from his old ESP electric guitar to purchasing his first Telecaster electric guitar.

“Any excuse to buy a new guitar, right? I was never much of a Tele sort of player, but I love it. I feel these extra guitar tracks definitely added to the darkness and moodiness of the song.”

Teaming up with Crosstown Sound Studio legend Joshua Whitehead, Williams expanded on some of the tracks he had already recorded in his home studio and brought ‘Glimmer’ to life with Whitehead.

“As nerve-racking as it can be sometimes, I do love being in the studio and working collaboratively,” said Williams.

The songwriter enjoys creating new songs, making sure they are presented to listeners in the best possible format by recording and piecing them together correctly.

“I like to write songs. It’s what keeps me ticking. So the goal with most of the songs is to someday have them recorded and released.”

Williams also looks to find the best balance between making sure the music he releases is at the best possible standard while maintaining proper timing for the release. To him, six months can feel like a long time since he released his last music.

“That feeling of not having put out any new material can be unsettling especially when you know you have more songs to give.”

However, he will continue exploring and expanding on the different ways he can release his music.

“I’m still very much an albums type of music lover but as an artist, financially and artistically, releasing singles has been working better for me. Next time I’ll be aiming to record an EP.”

In response to when we may be able to hear the artist present his poetic voice of ‘Glimmer’ in the physical atmosphere, he explains that it is something he looks forward to getting back into eventually.

“Admittedly I’ve been a bit slow getting back into the live performances after the past couple of years, but it’s definitely something I miss and want to get back into and connect with audiences on a face to face level,” he explained.

You can find out more about Acoustic Foxx and Craig Williams here and have a listen to ‘Glimmer’.