Imogen Price is making strides at an incredibly young age

Imogen Price is making strides at an incredibly young age


Her single ‘Life Boat’ has just been released, and she’s been busy in the studio adding the finishing touches to her EP, set for release early next year. 

Price also has a jam-packed summer ahead, with a bunch of gigs booked throughout December and January.

“I started singing ever since I could walk or talk I guess, I was singing and always getting into talent shows,” Price says. “Mum then put me in piano lessons at age four, so I was straight in with the music.”

Price explains that as much as she enjoyed playing the piano, she always wanted to learn the guitar too: “All I wanted to do was pick up a guitar and start learning, so I could be like all those girls out there that sing and play their guitar. 

“Mum said, ‘No, you can learn piano until you get to Year 7, and then you can pick up your guitar’. So that’s how it all happened.”

Price has developed her musical style throughout the years, characterising it as ‘folk-pop’. She draws inspiration from a range of different music artists. 

“I absolutely love Keaton Henson, his music is so great. He does a lot of instrumental stuff. I really love listening to his music at any time,” Price says enthusiastically. “I also love Joni Mitchell, ever since I was little, mum used to always play her, she’s an amazing songwriter. I would love to have the knowledge that she has when it comes to writing songs. Also the locals, Missy Higgins, all those kind of people, just great songwriters.” 

Along with being able to skillfully sing, play piano and guitar, Price has also developed her songwriting, which frequently touches upon different areas of her life. 

“The first song I wrote is called ‘No End’, which is about navigating friendships. I didn’t have a great time through primary school and all that, so the song is about trying to turn your page and not get so clubbed down really. 

“From then on, it was about friendships still, getting through life, dealing with friends that were really close and then just having to still live around them, but not know them. I’ve had a lot of friends and people just come and go, and I think it’s been a bit detrimental. I find it a bit hard now to open up to someone as like a friend would, so I put a lot of that into my music now and that’s where I can find my comfort and stuff.”

Music has been a cathartic release for Price to express her emotions, as she figures out how to navigate the obstacles in her everyday life.

“When I’m stressed or I’m just not feeling myself, I’ll always go to my music and I’ll always have a song for the mood,” she explains. 

“I’m not so open with how I play the piano to the world; I don’t actually take piano to my gigs even though I’ve been playing piano for most of my life. I guess when I get on piano, I’ll play a song that I love, not necessarily [one] that I sing to.” 

Price is wise beyond her years, explaining the need to always have a backup plan while trying to break into the music industry. She aspires to study Veterinary Science at Melbourne University after finishing school. 

“Ever since I was little, I’ve always wanted to write music and try and break out, but I never thought it would happen, because you’re always told, ‘It’s one in a million, you know it’s really rare that you’ll ever break out, there’s so many people kind of thing’,” she says. 

As Price’s career begins its upward trend, there has never been a shortage of encouragement around her, nevertheless, it’s the confidence she has in herself and in her music that’s her strongest asset. 

“I’ve been supported so much along the way from venues and just everyone, but really it comes down to if you’re getting yourself out there enough and I just think you got to have real confidence to get out there and have a crack.”