Hume31 pt. 1: Local The Neighbour delivers brilliant percussion and sunshine melodies

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Hume31 pt. 1: Local The Neighbour delivers brilliant percussion and sunshine melodies

Local The Neighbour
Words by Bryget Chrisfield

Through his musical project Local The Neighbour, Taiwanese-Australian multi-instrumentalist David Quested hopes to provide “an approachable music companion” for those in need of some hope while stumbling through the messiness of life.

He trained as a jazz drummer, both here and in the States, and Quested’s virtuosity is undeniable. Opener Cancel Me shimmies in – tambourine jingles, inquisitive riffs – before spotlighting Quested’s brilliant execution of drum patterns as they gradually complexify.

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Point Guard sounds like the raising hands emoji. “Wanna let down my guard, but only with you!” – this explosion of sunshiny melodies and jangly guitars celebrates finding that special someone you feel comfortable being vulnerable around. The curiously titled, acoustic guitar-driven Olivia Rodrigo // Lewis Hamilton (Bye Jeff) provides a ringside seat to Quested’s brain: “Fuck it, I guess I’m kind of lame/ I watch Disney on TV and I love Lord Of The Rings.” Quested also sings of Questlove as a “future friend” here, which we totally ship. Then Ruin Me – featuring sauntering bass supplied by Ryan Monro (The Cat Empire) – weighs up the risks of sacrificing everything to chase your dream.

Although thematically varied, this six-track EP remains musically upbeat throughout. And the closing Waiting Room – a cute instrumental boasting cruisy melodies and crisp woodblock chocks – will sound groovy at our next fondue party.

Label: Community Music
Release date: April 21