Human Love Quest returns to Brunswick with a homage to Dolly Doctor

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Human Love Quest returns to Brunswick with a homage to Dolly Doctor

Human Love Quest
Words by Staff Writer

Human Love Quest is an IRL dating game that takes the TV show format familiar to shows like If You Are The One, turns it on its head and throws it onto a romantic mid-century bandroom stage in front of a live audience.

Human Love Quest is a live onstage dating show, presented by friends Xander Allan, Conor Gallacher, The Captain and Dr. Gretta, that brings the golden age of television dating shows into the future.

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Marketed as the antithesis of dating apps, HLQ uses a classic trope of three hopefuls vying for the attention of one solo contestant. It is all-inclusive and anyone is encouraged to apply, regardless of how someone identifies, their age group, or what they’re looking for out of an encounter. Their motto? Stop staring at a screen and let us make your dream!

With the additions of an homage to Dolly Doctor (romance advice segment Things Can Only Get Gretta) and our own live reading out of submitted love notes from secret admirers in the audience, (Ahoy There), you’re guaranteed a night of quality entertainment, as heart-warming as it is hilarious.

The organisers have a zero-tolerance policy against intolerant and anti-social behaviour, and the expression of interest form that all contestants/hopefuls are required to fill out features a vetting process that will ensure every round will feature like-minded humans.

To get involved in this amazing experience, sign up here.