How ELEJI rose from busboy to Bliss N Eso support act

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How ELEJI rose from busboy to Bliss N Eso support act


For those who might not be familiar with your work, what can you tell us about ELEJI?

Born and raised in Melbourne on a healthy diet of hip hop, graff and skate culture, ELEJI started after searching for a fresh start (fka ARKS MC). Now half a dozen mixtapes, two EPs and a brand-new album out, the rest is history.

Tell us about the creative process behind your debut album, Pray Tomorrow Never Comes. What was the inspiration? What did you learn?

It was a crazy five-year epic. I was working as a busboy four days a week and then in the studio the other three days, being pushed to go hard by legends like Bliss N Eso, who were recording in the next room. After botched mixing sessions with various engineers I took the project back and finished it myself. From that I started my own label, funding it all out of my own pocket.

What was it like to support acts like Bliss N Eso and Thundamentals?

Bliss N Eso was an insane experience as I grew up bumping them all day and night. First time I linked with them was when I was 17 and connected to an insane crowd just cementing why I do this. Thundamentals are the bros, Jeswon and Tuka have given me keys in life. It’s crazy to think I used to just be a kid, a fan of this culture, and now, after 25 years on this earth, I’m in the middle of it all.

Pray Tomorrow Never Comes is out now via streaming services. For more from Eleji, head to his Facebook page.