Hilltop Hoods Feat. Sia : I Love It

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Hilltop Hoods Feat. Sia : I Love It


Hilltop Hoods rap about being rappers, specifically about how awesome it is to be rich, famous rappers on tour. (Note to self: survey Hilltop Hoods albums to determine how many times they have used the phrase “chasin’ the dream”. Feels like a lot.) The problem with this – and really, it is a happy, slick Oz hop tune so I shouldn’t have a problem with it – is that is doesn’t exactly speak to the common man. I’m glad the Hoods are “drowning in paper” while rocking London and Leningrad, but I can’t relate. Nor, I imagine, can their disenfranchised outer suburban fanbase. That’s what happens when you become a successful musician, your life becomes ridiculous and unsympathetic, and you either start bragging or complaining about it.