High Tension’s brutal new single ‘Bite the Leash (Burn)’ out today

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High Tension’s brutal new single ‘Bite the Leash (Burn)’ out today


With a fitting name like Purge High Tension’s new album sees the band rebirthed with new additions to their line-up in the presence of new guitarist and songwriter Mike Deslandes and drummer Lauren Hammel.

Vocalist Karina Utomo names the new album “the centre of my repressed rage.” It is a fierce piece of work in which the band intensify their heavy sound further and harness frustrations within themselves and society to then rebirth in the form of Purge.

Utomo states, “It was inevitable that we were going to produce a record unlike our prevous work…it was our natural response to reshape our sound.” So while some of her lyrics touch on familiar themes of colonialism and oppression, the focus of the new record is mainly on the anti-communist purge in Indonesia in 1965-1966.

Taking a page out of some of the classic metal albums like A Matter of Life and Death and Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying? High Tension turn to history to express their thoughts on the world. 

With lyrical subject matter and a musical style which no doubt reflects he trauma the lyrics portray, and if ‘Bite the Leash (Burn)’ is anything to go by, the new album is sure to be as confrontational and brutal as it promises.