Hektor takes us on a post-apocalyptic journey with new track, ‘Monday’

Hektor takes us on a post-apocalyptic journey with new track, ‘Monday’

The Melbourne producer takes us somewhere we’ve never been before.

Picture a post-apocalyptic world where a renaissance beckons – it’s dark and gloomy but optimistic as a new existence gets set to reign. It’s these visuals that shutter through your brain when listening to Hektor’s new song, ‘Monday’.

The track has been lifted from the Melbourne producer’s forthcoming EP, Rituals, dropping on Friday May 1 through new independent label No Exit Records. Fans of the similarly-ambient Kiasmos or Willaris. K will have a field day with Hektor’s new works, which are inspired by a classical music background.

It’s Hektor’s penchant for the spacious and elusive that creates a record that’s truly cinematic. Musically, Hektor brings together a raft of samples, field recordings, analogue synths and drum machines to manifest supernatural moments that are both adventurous and daring.

“I’m interested in the pairing of highly-detailed sound design with more primal grooves and raw melodic emotion – music that affects the brain as much as the heart. Rituals is my take on this,” Hektor says of the EP.

The record wasn’t made for the dancefloor per se, rather it’s been crafted for introspective journeys and self-education.

“It was written to be an immersive experience – the four tracks [on the EP] form part of the greater whole, a 27-minute holistic listening experience. Although it borrows from the dance world, it is a record that is ultimately made for home rather than the club. Hopefully, it takes people on a journey and offers a distraction from the current chaos and anxiety.”

Check out the official audio for the track below:

Keep an eye out for Hektor’s new EP, Rituals, when it drops on Friday May 1 through No Exit Records. Give ‘Monday’ a spin via streaming services.