World’s largest indoor confetti dome among sensory exhibits coming to Melbourne

World’s largest indoor confetti dome among sensory exhibits coming to Melbourne

Happy Place

Happy Place is the name of an Instagram-centric immersive experience exhibit series coming to Melbourne in December.

Following sold-out residencies in Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, Boston, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Sydney and Auckland, innovative experience Happy Place is bringing a variety of activity rooms to Melbourne.

Featuring largescale installations and multi-sensory immersive rooms, visitors can experience the world’s largest indoor Confetti Dome, six-foot-tall X’s and O’s surrounded by red lips, a Rubber Ducky Bathtub, a Cookie Room scented with the aroma of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and Super Bloom, a room filled with 40,000 golden handmade flowers, to name just a few.

What you need to know

  • Happy Place is bringing an immersive experience exhibit series to Crown in Melbourne
  • It will run from December 2 to January 30
  • It previously ran in Sydney and Auckland as part of an international series

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Founder, live event producer Jared Paul said: “Melbourne has had a pretty tough time throughout the global pandemic and now on the other side we are delighted to be able to bring Happy Place to all Victorians. Our mission is to allow our guests to immerse themselves in an over-the-top themed experience that is designed to deliver a super-sized dose of happiness.

“In 2020 Happy Place was so well received by our new friends in Sydney and we can’t wait to do the same in Melbourne. We hope the city of Melbourne has a blast when they visit us and can enjoy all of the confetti and rubber ducky filled surprises Happy Place has to offer.”

Graham Kennedy, Head of Arts and Entertainment, Live Nation continued: “After months of lockdown, we’re pleased to bring some happy news to Melburnians.

“Live Nation has a proud heritage of bringing the best entertainment to Australia and is pleased to partner with such an innovative and unique experience. Having seen the joy that Happy Place has brought to thousands of guests when we opened in Sydney, we’re excited to see smiles all round when we open in Melbourne.”

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