Gorelesque at Red Bennies

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Gorelesque at Red Bennies


Scared of all manner of things that go bump in the night? I bet there are a few out there who wouldn’t object to finding one of these ladies hiding under their bed…

Scared of all manner of things that go bump in the night? I bet there are a few out there who wouldn’t object to finding one of these ladies hiding under their bed…

Gorelesque is the latest instalment from the South Side Show at Red Bennies, and will be staging a second and very final show of its Halloween goretastic spectacular this spooky season.
We had a chat to two of the very alluring, lovely and downright devilish ladies who will strut their stuff of stage in the name of all things sexy and scary this Halloween; Miss Nic and Vesper White. “I’ve always thought Burlesque was such an empowering profession,” says Miss Nic. “Being up there on stage and being able to command the audience’s full attention and the performers showing just how beautiful they are. I love the freedom you can have when performing, and being able to gauge the audience to see how far you can push the boundaries.”
“As a performer I have always been interested in horror/gore – anything of the macabre kind. I like keeping my patrons on their toes, and at times making them feel violated. If I can make someone laugh or squirm or blush… To me, that’s my job done,” she says, cheekily. “I really enjoy people’s reactions to my acts. Being a heavily tattooed performer, sometimes people are more in awe of me standing there with my skin exposed than my actual performance.”
Miss Vesper’s story is, however, a little different. “I had been performing in ballet and theatre for a long time before I discovered burlesque, and when I did, it was everything I wanted in performance,” she recalls. “It’s a mash up of sexual expression, a form of dance featuring the devastating bump-n-grind, acting and bringing imaginative characters to life on the stage.”
The latest show, Gorelesque, will leave you quivering you in the shoes and feeling a little hot under the collar. “What better than to create something that combines hot girls, lots of blood, gore, special effects makeup and theatrics?” Miss Nic exclaims. “Essentially what we wanted to do was provide a show that specialises in striptease thrills and spook show chills to push the boundaries of the art form and explore the dark, cobwebbed corners of neo-cabaret/burlesque!”
So just what is it about burlesque that meshes so nicely with a Halloween theme? “I think it works well as it gives punters something different to watch, because it’s not your classic burlesque show,” Miss Nic continues. “It’s full of blood, gore, vignettes, horror themes and theatrics; generally acts that you wouldn’t get away with doing at your standard burlesque shows!”
Vesper elaborates: “I was becoming frustrated with the lack of opportunities for performers who were a little more eccentric than the majority. It was great to be so different from the popular traditional aesthetic in the burlesque world, but audiences were never quite prepared for what you had to offer. I’m sure beautifully feathered performers didn’t appreciate the trails of fake blood we would leave on the stage. And so acts based in fetish, gore, the macabre and the plain bizarre became the standard of Gorelesque. Our production has always been about under-charging and over-delivering, as I believe the price of admission to many burlesque shows in Australia is really out of control. We’re bringing theatre back to the people!”
Gorelesque will hit the stage at Red Bennies on the night of Halloween Eve, October 30. Get in quick and snap up some tickets for this sexy, shimmy, shaking in your boots extravaganza. Miss Nic tells you just why you absolutely cannot miss it.
“It’s a gruesome banquet and an unforgettable evening of tease and horror variety to make you scream, and it will provide the answer to the question that’s in your head – are you really afraid of things that go bump ‘n’ grind in the night?”

Gorelesque will show at Red Bennies one final time on October 30 from 8pm. Tickets are $15 presale, or $20 on the door. Head to www.redbennies.com for more info, and to book tickets.