Glasfrosch : If You Go Far Enough into the Sky, You’ll Come out Under Water

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Glasfrosch : If You Go Far Enough into the Sky, You’ll Come out Under Water


This is one of those works of art that has the reviewer thinking to himself, ‘Man, where do I even start?’ Behind the long and bizarre title lies a journey of truly epic proportions across soundscapes of almost unknown origin. 12 tracks of dreamy yet powerful, atmospheric yet catchy pop/rock/ambient/experimental/whatever else they can possibly throw at it. This is yet another incredible Aussie ‘alternative’ band thumbing its collective nose at convention and commerciality and doing whatever the hell it wants to do, and the results are nothing short of stunning. Their chances of receiving any kind of mainstream airplay whatsoever are virtually zip, however their chances of impressing anyone with the patience, intelligence and forethought to give this a try are virtually limitless.

An examination of individual songs seems a little pointless to this reviewer, one must simply put this album on, listen to it end-to-end if possible, and let its charms and ambience wash over you in waves. It will take you to places you’ve never been, musically, before, and back again. At times it will send shivers down your spine with its subtle intensity, and at times it will have you singing and tapping your foot along to its catchiness. This album contains just about everything except traditionally structured pop or rock songs, and it’s this left of centre approach that is its greatest asset.

If You Go Far Enough into the Sky, You’ll Come out Under Water sounds as if it was a completely immersing experience for those involved, and the end product is something quite profound, and yet very enjoyable for the listener who demands something a little more from their sounds than a few catchy hooks and a repetitive beat. Do yourself a favour, track this down, give it the patience it deserves and let its unique brilliance wind its way into your psyche. You won’t regret it.

Best track : This is an album in the true sense of the word, and must be listened to as such.

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In a word : A ‘dream’.