Gin & Apathy

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Gin & Apathy


Tell us about Gin & Apathy. It’s a series of miniature, flat-packed, architectural model kits. All are made from bamboo, and each include a dangerous and occasionally illegal gin-based cocktail recipe. They range from Melbourne’s Manchester Unity Building, to Detroit’s Hotel Yorba, with almost nothing in between. We also design custom models upon request.


What influences Gin & Apathy? Gin mostly, but also the hope that in the 20 or so minutes the models take to build, our patrons can briefly forget about the year’s low points and instead appreciate the talented people who designed these buildings in the first place. And, of course, earn a few satisfaction endorphins of their own when they complete one themselves.


Christmas to Gin & Apathy is…24/7 laser cutting because we massively underestimated how many people love the Tote Hotel. We look forward to reminding our children who we are on Christmas Day.


When was Gin & Apathy born? We selfishly made a few models of buildings we thought were nice. Then someone with no regard for our free time told us we should see if other people liked them. Then, we got a bit carried away.


This Christmas we hope our customers…Laugh a lot with their families, and buy things from stores in the real world. Preferably ones they can walk to because going outside is still quite nice.