Georgia Maq is playing a solo show at the Museum tomorrow

Georgia Maq is playing a solo show at the Museum tomorrow

Georgia Maq
words by sidonie bird de la coeur

Taking place at The Melbourne Museum for Melbourne Music Week, Georgia Maq from Camp Cope is playing her first ever headline show tomorrow.

The singer and guitarist for Camp Cope has blazed onto the scene with her solo album Pleaser, an album full of unapologetic pop sentiments. Playing tomorrow evening with a grand piano and string ensemble, this is her first time showcasing her solo music outside of Camp Cope. She’ll be joined by psychedelic outfit Sky City Gold for an unforgettable show at Melbourne Museum for Melbourne Music Week.

What you need to know

  • Georgia Maq is making her solo debut outside of Camp Cope tomorrow
  • She’ll be appearing at Melbourne Museum as part of Melbourne Music Week
  • Sky City Gold are joining her

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Georgia McDonald aka Georgia Maq established herself as the lead singer and guitarist of indie rock band Camp Cope. Championing women’s voices in music, their often politicised lyricism tackled issues of sexism, racism and all forms of structural inequality. Camp Cope’s whose sophomore album How To Socialise and Make Friends released in 2018 to widespread acclaim and topped a slew of 2018 end of the year lists. Maq takes a different direction in her debut solo album Pleaser, a synth pop album that focuses around the theme of love.


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She will be joined by the female led psychedelic rock ensemble Sky City Gold, whose sound is self-described as journey music for intrepid minds with a punk energy. They’re composed of Beatrice Lewis of Haiku Hands and Kardajal Kirridarra, Joel Ma of Joelsitivs. Thomas Mitchell and David Williams. Since forming two years ago, they’ve recorded an extensive body of work and pioneered extensive creative concepts, though this is their debut live show. With the raw energy characteristic of improvised performances, their sound contains analogue synthesisers, angular guitars and krautrock and disco rhythms.

Georgia Maq and Sky City Gold are performing May 20 from 7-10pm at Melbourne Museum as part of Melbourne Music Week. Get your tickets by heading here.