FUSE Darebin returns and DJ JNETT is helping you meet the makers

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FUSE Darebin returns and DJ JNETT is helping you meet the makers

FUSE Meet the Makers
Words by Luke Carlino

The Meet the Makers Picnic returns on Saturday, March 23rd, at the Bundoora Homestead Art Centre. 

FUSE is back! Darebin’s contemporary, multi-arts festival returns to shine a light on the amazing local artists and performers while turning the streets, parks, venues, theatres, galleries and public spaces of Darebin into a hub of art, culture and creativity.

FUSE proudly leans into Darebin’s uniqueness while highlighting its strengths as a vibrant, inclusive, creative, and forward-thinking city. This free and inclusive day is packed with music, great food, local produce and more. This year, the picnic features an incredible music lineup featuring Wax’o Paradiso, Bumpy, and Teymori, all curated by DJ JNETT.

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Darebin’s beloved FUSE Festival returns with a free day of music, food and entertainment at Bundoora Homestead


We had a little chat with DJ JNETT to see how she’s feeling about spearheading the long-running and much-loved community showcase as the Curator in Residence. “It is such an honour to be invited to curate the music lineup for Meet the Makers Picnic. As a long-standing Darebin resident and an even longer-standing DJ in Melbourne, this is certainly a direction that I welcome with open arms.”

You’ll probably recognise DJ JNETT from ABC’s Recovery or heard her voice on Melbourne’s PBS.fm. She’s known for carting crates of wax around Melbourne and spinning deep house, techno, funk, soul, disco, dub, reggae and hip-hop throughout the club scene by night while helming the iconic Central Station Records by day.

DJ JNETT is a familiar name in the Australian Dance Music scene, known for bringing the energy and impeccable skills over two decades of beats. FUSE attendees can expect the perfect soundtrack for a sunny day out when she is behind the decks. “My approach for my set will take shape in the moment on the day, but I can declare it will be a reflection of the wonderful community, celebrating all that they represent both culturally and generationally.


DJ JNETT goes on to explain that she curated the day’s lineup to ensure there is never a dull moment, making a note to confirm that each act on the day is one not to be missed. “From Bumpy to Teymori to Wax’o Paradiso, all of the artists we selected bring their own unique magic on the day, so please be sure to catch each and every one,” she explains. She goes on to tell us how the Maker’s Picnic is about bringing the community together at its core. “The proud sharing of knowledge and glorious traditions must be celebrated, respected and continued, and this is a great way to do it.”

The Meet the Makers Picnic is tailored to people of all ages and is a perfect way for families to expose their kids to great music and culture via an engaging program. With loads of fun activities and entertainment specifically for the little ones, including a pop-up space from Victoria University, everyone will also get the chance to be a part of the Aboriginal cultural experience with Aunty Brenda Fahey. With hands-on activities like gum nut painting, dot painting, storytelling, and crafting, the picnic is set up to ensure everyone gets involved while having an amazing time.

With FUSE holding a special place in the community’s heart, DJ JNETT reflects on what it means for the City of Darebin and the genuine appreciation she has for the community she lives in, where traditions and culture matter. She explains how FUSE represents that appreciation at events like Meet the Makers. “It’s simple: both FUSE and Meet the Makers should absolutely be on your calendar already. Bundoora Homestead, as the gathering place, with its beautiful location and gardens will be full of our wonderful community gathering together to live, laugh, listen, taste, learn and spread joy! Why would you want to miss that?

The Meet the Makers Picnic is a free, all-day event running from 12.30 PM – 5.30 pm on March 23rd at the gorgeous Bundoora Homestead Art Centre. Grab your picnic baskets and strap in for a great day.

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This article was made in partnership with FUSE Darebin.