From picnics to parties: Beat’s top picks for FUSE

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From picnics to parties: Beat’s top picks for FUSE

Photo: Laura Du Ve.

We take a look around the grounds of Darebin’s coolest festival for this list of shows that should be top of your priority list to check out. With plays, soul parties, and picnics, there’s no question that FUSE will have a show up your alley.

FUSE really makes the most of Darebin, there’s a variety of events happening across the region, making the most of the killer venues they’ve got on offer. So without any further ado, here are the unmissable events to chuck on your social calendar.

Made in Rezza

Reservoir’s shopfronts will be transformed into an amazing gallery thanks to FUSE Darebin, with 15 artworks making their way into 15 different shopfronts. Involved artists including Chris Gooch, Georgia Goud, and Ming Lang, among many more which can be checked out here. It’ll be taking place throughout the run of FUSE.

Live in Hi REZ

Bringing music to the streets of Reservoir, Live in Hi-REZ is a series of performances by and for young people. There are 25 performances over 9 days, featuring 100 local artists. Live in Hi REZ features pop-up shows outside the Reservoir Library, in alleyways, and down Broadway, with dancers, DJs, bands, solo artists, and more. Come on down and have some fun cheering on with your community and celebrating local talent!

18—27 March, in locations surrounding Reservoir Station on Edwardes Street and Broadway.

FUSE Presents Open Air Cinema

This family-friendly event is a display of how there’s truly something for all types of people at FUSE Darebin. You can bring the kids to a picnic in the park under the movie screen which’ll be showing the family favourite Whale Rider, the story of a young Maori girl who wishes to become tribe chief.

You can catch this at TW Andrews Reserve on Friday March 18, no bookings are required.

We Are Song, We Are Dreaming, We Are Country


This show is a journey through the world of Indigenous and First Nations culture, and the stories that weave themselves seamlessly into their music. Host Neil Morris is joined by some of the most talented voices in the industry, like Djirri Djirri, Brickie B, Butchalla Songman, Fred Leone, BUMPY and Lady Lash.

It’s going down on Sunday March 20 at the Northcote Social Club. Register here.

An Uncertain Time

An Uncertain Time is is a 35 minute, immersive, sensory theatre performance designed specifically for babies aged 0-12 months and their carers. Taking the notion of the first year of an infant’s life as a period of great uncertainty for both baby and carer, An Uncertain Time uses elements of song, sound, physical theatre and object puppetry to create a narrative journey for both baby and carer.

Out of the Park Picnic


As the weather moves into some more bearable temperatures, it’s a great opportunity to get out and enjoy a picnic. FUSE knows how to turn a picnic into a party, featuring some of Australia’s coolest performers. Audiences can join Belove, Tina Demelo, Kwame Tosuma, and headliner Kylie Auldist, who’s bound to get everybody up and moving.

It’s a free concert happening at Edwardes Lake Park on Sunday March 27, but it’s still important to register here.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, check out all of the other shows happening at FUSE here.