Flickerfest is bringing Melbourne’s best short films to Kino Palace cinemas

Flickerfest is bringing Melbourne’s best short films to Kino Palace cinemas

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Flickerfest is Australia's premier Academy Award and BAFTA qualifying short film festival and it's coming to the Kino Palace cinemas for the 16th time in 2022, bringing with it a very special selection: Best of Melbourne Shorts.

Flickerfest is celebrating a whopping 31 years as Australia’s leading short film festival in 2022, and it continues to grow in leaps and bounds, garnering a record 3,200 entries for 2022.

That bumper crop has been narrowed down to just 11 award-winning and inspiring Melbourne short films, which will be screened for one night only on April 13 at Kino Palace cinemas.

What you need to know

  • Flickerfest 2022 – Best of Melbourne Shorts at Kino Palace Cinema
  • Tickets $25/ $22 (includes complimentary drink on arrival and filmmakers introductions)
  • It’s going down Wednesday 13 April 7pm

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The 11 films were all selected for competition at Flickerfest’s grand event in Bondi, and now they’re coming home to showcase the exceptionally talented Melbourne creatives to their local audience.

Flickerfest has a proud history of unearthing gems and showcasing Australian stars from Joel and Nathan Edgerton to David MichĂ´d, so this is an excellent opportunity to see the mazy talent in our own backyard.

The films are particularly intriguing, featuring a clever, award winning animated tale of not being weighed down by materialism, a suburban comedy about an unremarkable man on his quest for significance, an estranged family who disconnection is in sharp focus on the eve of the Australian music awards, a young boy who hides inside his curiosity for the the natural world around him, a women whose voyeuristic addiction to online shopping is brought to light by a nervous gamer, an awkward teenager in an uneasy encounter involving secrets, desires and a lesson in astronomy, and a delightfully classic rom com that takes an unexpected turn when the leading lady’s best friend is called out for hiding behind her sidekick role.

It promises to be quite the event. The filmmakers will speak about their shorts before the screening, offering viewers an insight into the director process. Tickets are a bargain $25, which gets you a Gage Roads beer, Rosnay organic wine or Parkers organic drink, plus popcorn on arrival.

Check out the full program here, then book your tickets here.