Five Things You Probably Don’t Know About… Lurch And Chief

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Five Things You Probably Don’t Know About… Lurch And Chief


Our guitarist does not own a guitar amp or any pedals. Basically at every gig he pretends that something’s wrong with his gear so that he can borrow a half decent piece of equipment, rather than use the shitty solid state Marshall he’s been lent.

None of the band members live in the same suburb in Melbourne. I guess we are band of misfits including interstate wieners, coastal hippies, country bumpkins, Brunswick hipsters, suburban babes and of course, Italian/Sri Lankans.

On an Australian tour we were chased by a van full of drunken angry customers in the middle of nowhere, Wolf Creek style. After a slight altercation caused by their stupidity, the van sped through oncoming traffic to catch us and proceeded to tailgate us for a minimum of 30 minutes.

After the third night of excessive partying in Sydney, we all assessed it was time to call it a night…but accidentally left Lili in the city, 20 minutes away from our accommodation. Carting around six members can get a bit crazy at times, we probably should have a roll call system.

In Canberrra our bassist drank Phil Jamieson’s (for those who don’t know or care, Grinspoon’s lead singer) rider and ate his meat platter. Going hungry is a pretty standard feature of being in a band that tours a lot, so lesson learned. Don’t leave meat platters or Coronas lying around if you don’t want them eaten.

LURCH AND CHIEF play at The Liberty Social on Saturday March 15.