The best affordable pub meals in Melbourne

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The best affordable pub meals in Melbourne

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There’s no denying it people. We’re always looking for something five-star to eat, that won’t drain our bank accounts. I mean we’re all down for cheap, but there’s a certain standard we want to be living – am I right? Just as well we live in one of the most celebrated food hubs in the world, where even the most amateur chefs can create something incredible for a small, humble price. In this week’s column, I’d like to chat about such places.

The beloved Howler down Brunswick way forever steals my heart with their breezy, welcoming space. And their menu? Just as impressive. My go-to has always been their $12 burger night ($12 for any burger off the menu plus chips and pot), which I’m excited to share has just recently stretched to a Monday – Thursday deal. How great is that?! I would highly recommend the Fried Chicken Burger or Tofu Burger for a vego option.

Moving closer towards the CBD we find The Shaw Davey Slum who has always repped everything cheap eats. The pub is situated just off Lygon Street, Carlton, where food and culture meet in the most vibrant of ways. The Shaw Davey Slum is no exception. For lunch, I would recommend their $15 express menu with your choice of burger (chicken, beef or mushroom), couscous salad or classics like fish ‘n’ chips, steak or a parma. Plus you get a house pot too. We headed down just last week to film DISHN’, our newest video segment and had a grand old, mouth-drooling time. Not only did The Shaw Davey Slum remind us just how beautiful simplicity can be, but by adding an extra touch to something simple – in this instance, The Slum added Vegemite mayo to a cheeseburger – something simple, can be something special too.

And then there’s Marquis of Lorne which has, in my opinion, the tastiest pub menu in Melbourne (big call, I know). On Friday and Saturday nights, I can’t deny that they’re super busy. However, that’s all the reason to check out their great deals during the week and on Sundays too. I used to be all about the Tuesday night steak night (just $16 for a 300gm Hopkins River porterhouse and chips) but recently their Sunday roast skills are getting just a bit ridiculous. Last week, they roasted pork shoulder with potato and leek gratin, apple slaw and gravy, and the week before, roast scotch, yorkie, roast potatoes, peas, carrots and gravy. Wow. I’d pay a few extra bucks for that any day.