The best fried chicken in Melbourne

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The best fried chicken in Melbourne

fried chicken melbourne

The best fried chicken in Melbourne, from Phat Chick’s to Belles Hot Chicken to Brother Burger and the Marvelous Brew.

Phat Chick’s Fried Chicken

It’s kinda peculiar like peanut butter and jam, but have you ever thought about the combination of fried chicken and ramen? At Phat Chicks surrounded by a little overbearing choice of options that is just what you can get. If the main dining area isn’t to your liking that hit up the brown leather couches complete with Zebra hide for a unique dining experience. Broken down into five different categories, be sure to hit up Phat Chick’s for fried chicken with a twist.

549 Barkly Street West Footscray 

Leonards House Of Love

Situated in a little old log cabin in South Yarra, Leonards House of Love has a real 70’s vibe to it. You can hit up some solid popcorn chicken served with pickles and a ranch sauce. If your looking for something a little more special than be sure to hit up their Coca Cola glazed charcoal chicken. Having experienced that phenomenon once in my life already, you won’t be disappointed.

3 Wilson Street, South Yarra

Juanita Peaches

Raph Rashid knows how to do good street food. The man created Beatbox Kitchen and Taco Truck, so really how hard would it be to take that ideal and apply it creating a chicken restaurant? Using fresh ingredients and free range chicken, in a matter of minutes you can get your fill of chicken, coleslaw and boss sauce with a cheeky side of fries. The company motto is no boss, your loss. Are you game enough?

12 Edward Street, Brunswick

Belles Hot Chicken

Taking influence from NashvilleTennessee, Belles Hot Chicken might just be the hipster-est hangout for hot chicken in the north. Based in Fitzroy with a sister restaurant in Swan Street, Richmond, the combination of Blue cheese sauce as well as chicken and waffles, makes this a restaurant you have to check out. Feeling more peckish than normal, then hit up some friends and get yo’self a Baller Bucket. 16 wings and 4 sauces. The dream has been realised, people.

150 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy or 107 Swan Street Richmond.


Is there anything better than dining on burgers and beer atop a rooftop decommissioned train carriage overlooking the city? Topped off with some of the best graffiti art, Easey’s make fried chicken a little bit of a dark art. Get the buttermilk chicken with honey mustard sauce. If your looking for a beverage to act as a chaser, why not go a Wild Yak? You’d be silly not too really.

48 Easey Street, Collingwood

Magic Mountain Saloon

Looking equal parts like a mid suburban rave, Magic Mountain Saloon is squirreled away in the underbelly of the city. Located in Collins Street, don’t let the outside fool you. There are many great treats on the menu but if your looking for a real chicken meal than be sure to order the crunchy fried chicken ribs with sweet Chili sauce. On weekends, the kitchen is open till 1am so post gig snack sorted.

62 Little Collins Street, Melbourne


The acronym F.A.T. could stand for many things, but in this case it stands for fried and tasty. It’s the mission statement of the restaurant to use fresh ingredients with no additives or chemicals, which means that at the end of the day you can get down to focussing on one thing. The chicken. With burgers, chicken, waffles as well as a spiced grilled chicken salad. If your looking for a “healthy” option to eating chicken then F.A.T. is for you. In addition to their Brunswick abode, you can hit them up in Smith Street, Fitzroy.

360 Lygon Street, Brunswick East or 41-47 Smith Street, Fitzroy.

Brother Burger and the Marvelous Brew

With a Bourbon and Coke glaze for their fried chicken that is labelled on the menu as ‘Bogan Chicken Wings’, Brother Burger pride themselves on taking their chicken with a bit of a unique feel to them. Including sherbet wings as well as peanut butter and jelly, step into the unusual when you walk through the door in Fitzroy. If that’s not enough to temp you, well check out the décor comprising aqua coloured bar stools taken from the Green Gully soccer club in Keilor Downs.

413 Brunswick Street Fitzroy 

Truck Stop Deluxe

Truck Stop takes fried chicken and adds in an audio visual experience alongside it. The team has parked in some big rigs and whilst your getting your chompers around some chicken, you can sit in the horseshoe booth with looping videos of tarmac behind you. Co owned by Jimmy Hurlston who devised Easey’s, you know this is going to be good. They also have waffles doused in nutella as well as doughnut ice-cream sandwiches. Just don’t think about the calories okay?

98 Watton Street Werribee

Po’ Boy Quarter

With original floor tiles from New Orleans, Po Boy Quarter is a great way to round a trip of the best fried chicken this fine city has to offer. If there is one thing to check out on this menu, then it is the fried chicken donut. Combining a maple and bacon glazed donut filled with Cajun battered fried chicken complimented by coleslaw and pickles. Im sold, the real question here is, are you?

295 Smith Street Fitzroy