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Fierce Mild


Troy – When did you start exploring music? I started on electric organ and piano when I was 7. At 12, a friend of mine had taken up guitar and I thought it seemed a bit cooler. I mapped the fretboard out and started adapting all my classical pieces to the guitar.

Jake – What drew you to your instrument? Being really into hip hop and electronic music, I’ve always loved that feeling when the bass in a track makes me feel like my head will explode from overpowering low frequencies.

Steph – What music/artists are you drawn to? I’m loving video artist Lindsay Seers, and her neo-narration work. I think my favourite artists are Dadaist Max Ernst and Flemish artist Hieronymus Bosch. Of late I’m taking influence from vintage medical illustrations, Francis Bacon (the painter), and Katy Perry.

Jess- What other projects are you involved in? My other musical project is Tarsier. It’s a solo project which is part cello (loops and improv) and part synth composition. I like to compose by feeling and colour. I close my eyes and feel/hear what comes next and then I write it.

Sasha – Tell me something I don’t know. Like Steph, I have multiple synaesthesia. Music, letters, numbers all have a colour, days of the week and months have their own colour. Since numbers and letters are simultaneous with a colour, sometimes it helps in triggering memories of words. But if certain words or numbers share one colour, it can be confusing.