The dynamic protest party reimagining what it means to be queer

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The dynamic protest party reimagining what it means to be queer

Yana Alana

The show must go on!

After its 2020 show was cancelled, F*ck Fabulous has had a reboot for 2021, and is now set to make its debut at Arts Centre Melbourne in April, as part of Midsumma Festival.

Hosted by cabaret icon and prolific queer performer Yana Alana (the alter ego of Sarah Ward), F*ck Fabulous is an anti-cabaret cabaret, of sorts. The extravaganza is set to challenge stereotypes surrounding gender norms and LGBTIQ+ representation, and reimagine what it means to be queer.

What you need to know

  • After the inaugural F*ck Fabulous extravaganza was cancelled in 2020, the show is finally making its debut
  • The show will run from Tuesday April 20 to Sunday May 2, at Fairfax Studio
  • Tickets range from $30 to $50, and are available from the Arts Centre Melbourne website

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Featuring performances from Yana Alana alongside circus icon Jess Love, dance duo Glitter & Snatch, aerial contortionist Seth Sladen, drag king Koko Ma$$, Gabi Barton and drummer Bec Matthews, F*ck Fabulous is a celebration of female masculinity, diverse bodies and gender identities, and visibility for trans and gender-queer people.

A protest against the commodification of queer culture, this collection of performances looks beneath the glitter and sequins to present a raw and real portrayal of what it means to be queer.

“There’s something about live performing arts that creates such a visceral response. It’s a more immediate, animalistic reaction. That’s what we look forward to doing and we’re very excited to be putting this back in front of audiences,” says F*ck Fabulous Artistic Director Sarah Ward.

“Energetically we’re going to have to work on this show differently, we can’t do it how we did last year. No one has the same energy and the same bodies. I’m fatter and less fit for a start, and that’s fine, but mentally we’re going to have to be very kind to each other and be very patient. We will have to step up our communication and transparency.”

Fierce, funny and fabulous, this protest party is serving queer, anti-glamour realness in all its glory.

F*ck Fabulous is happening at Arts Centre Melbourne from Tuesday April 20 until Sunday May 2. Book your tickets via the Arts Centre Melbourne website.