Fan Girl : Elephant Room

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Fan Girl : Elephant Room


Melbourne indie-rockers Fan Girl have crafted a sound reminiscent of Led Zeppelin on Elephant Room, through psychedelic guitars and angst-ridden vocals.

The album proves they’re a force to be reckoned with, through powerful songs like ‘Disappear’, ‘Posca Veins’ and ‘Talk’.

The ten-track work encapsulates the pure passion everyone feels at some point in their lives, with songs about the turmoil of relationships, acceptance, and just all-round rock’n’roll (in the most hotel-smashing way).

“You know it hurts real bad/And it’s really hard to picture/When you talk like that/It’s really hard to kiss you” from single ‘Small Town’ sheds light on the obscurities of relationships accompanied with a concoction of psychedelic garage vibes and incredibly catchy lyrics.

Although they’re young, Elephant Room shows the six-piece firing on all cylinders. Keep an eye on them.