Fall Out Boy : M A N I A

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Fall Out Boy : M A N I A


Admittedly, ‘Young and Menace’ sounds like something you’d hear a festival-headlining DJ spinning as midnight closes in, but it has a real knack of growing on you. Second single ‘Champion’ is something of an anthem and could become the soundtrack to many of America’s big sporting moments over the coming months.

If you’re getting worried because these tracks sound very plainly titled, never fear, the Fall Out Boy tradition of weird and wonderful titles isn’t completely gone. There’s the fast-paced ‘Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea’ and the hilariously named ‘Hold Me Tight or Don’t’.

The album is very quick and in what’s become familiar FOB territory, they sound more heavily produced each time with lots of sweeping soundscapes and effects thrown in for good measure. Yet, it works. Especially on album highlight, the tongue-in-cheek ‘Church’.

Fall Out Boy sure sound a lot different to the band we knew circa ‘Sugar, We’re Going Down’, but then again, they have for a while now. While their new sound may not please some older fans, their modern-day sound is so damn fun.