Black Veil Brides : Vale

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Black Veil Brides : Vale


Their unabashed dynamic and solid aesthetic used to be such that a Black Veil Brides album was somewhat impressive – Vale, however, is not one such album.

Maybe this watered-down variety of emo-rock doesn’t have a place on the scene anymore, maybe most music fans have outgrown bands such as these. One thing is certain – the strain is certainly showing for Black Veil Brides, and they too may be aware of their own mortality. Vale showcases a band whose creative power and performance energy are fading fast.

Gone are rhythm guitarist-cum-violinist Jeremy ‘Jinxx’ Ferguson’s haunting lilts, gone is frontman Andy Biersack’s previously powerful vocal ability,  gone is the appeal of such a group – unless maybe you’re beginning your rock‘n’roll induction with no clue how to start. Black Veil Brides don’t seem to be able to grow as their fans do, to mature and advance as musicians and Vale should probably be avoided.