Evanescence : Evanescence

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Evanescence : Evanescence


I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there was a difference between Evanescence’s debut Fallen and it’s follow up The Open Door. While the latter was in the same style and was a good album, some people felt a void had been left by guitarist Ben Moody’s departure. I’ve brought this up due to bands choice to make their third effort a self titled release. The difference in feel was the difference between Evanescence featuring Moody and Evanescence. Continuing on the same path as The Open Door, album number three has made it clear that this is Evanescence. This in itself is not a negative, but the album does have its weaknesses.

Amy and Co. have ultimately done what they do – nothing here will surprise the fans. What it may not do though is win new ones. While the album isn’t bad, it is strangely devoid of the amazing, single-worthy songs that gained Fallen and The Open Door so much attention.

Amy’s voice, sounds angelic but has lost some power in the production process. The guitar tones are solid if a little quiet at times, the drums usually have a nice rhythm to them and there is a bigger presence of symphonic strings and choirs. This all mixes into a pleasant sound, but the album never seems to take off.

Made Of Stone, My Heart iI Broken and Sick feel like they are trying to escalate but never quite reach that point. Swimming Home – the closing track – is almost ambient music and seems out of place. While there are stronger moments – What You Want and End Of The Dream come to mind – the weaker ones hold the overall collective back. Even Oceans, the most energetic point on the album, can’t reach the peak with the others weighing it down.

Please don’t get me wrong – this is not a bad album. It’s just not a great album. There is definitely something here for the fans, and there are some good songs, but the album fails to shine as brightly as a band with Evanescence’s track record should.


Best Track: Ancient Snake

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In A Word: Passable