ENDOVIT: The Gaso is hosting Australia’s first music festival to raise awareness for endometriosis

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ENDOVIT: The Gaso is hosting Australia’s first music festival to raise awareness for endometriosis

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Endometriosis is one of the top nine most painful conditions to have according to the UK's National Health Service, and for many it can be extremely debilitating, depressing and isolating.

Next month, the Melbourne music community is coming together to raise awareness for the condition and show support to those who may be suffering in silence.

Taking place at the Gasometer, ENDOVIT features a lineup of artists who have all had experience with endometriosis, whether they’ve had it themselves or had a loved one suffer from it.

It’ll be a moment of strength, resilience and community for those who share the condition, but also just a damn good party.


  • The Vovos
  • Romanie
  • Ambulance
  • Terra Rouge
  • Parquay
  • Love Me Not
  • Outtatime
  • Speccy
  • Grevillea Hedge
  • Caity Watson
  • DJ Funk Ya

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“I, as the event founder, have suffered with endometriosis for many years alongside several other chronic conditions however for the last 12 months I have been severely impacted by the disease to the point I am now physically disabled,” says Grace Simpkin, ENDOVIT founder.

“I have had three surgeries within the last 18 months and have completely lost my independence, but also my ability to PARTY (which I love mind you). This is where the idea of ENDOVIT began.”

The event has been planned with many considerations taken for those living with chronic illness. Starting at 4pm on March 16 and running until 2:30am, it gives guests plenty of time to visit when their energy levels are high and pain levels are low.

It will also have affordable tickets and merchandise, including a range of upcycled options and ENDOVIT merchandise with illustrations inspired by common words describing words of endo-related pain.

“Being the first event, ENDOVIT is expected to make no profits. If any profits are made the money will be put back into the ENDOVIT Fest Organisation to begin creating an accessibility service that our community so desperately needs,” says Grace.

Tickets for ENDOVIT Fest are on sale now. Grab yours here.