Interview: Emma Holland’s bringing her online title-generated ‘Dreamer in the Mist’ to Comedy Festival 2022

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Interview: Emma Holland’s bringing her online title-generated ‘Dreamer in the Mist’ to Comedy Festival 2022

Emma Holland

'Dreamer In The Mist' may have come from an online title generator, but Emma Holland has found her comedic stride in her latest show that will run for the entire month at the Melbourne international Comedy Festival.

Holland is no stranger to The Melbourne International Comedy Festival, she received the runner-up RAW Comedy award in 2018, performed at Comedy Zone in 2019 and is coming back for what she calls in typical self-depreciating fashion, her only show that isn’t bad.

We caught up with her to figure out the inspiration behind the show and what to expect from her longest and most ambitious run yet.

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How did the inspiration for the show come together this time around?

Well, I had a show in 2020 called Fine Art that I didn’t get to put on because of Covid and then I kept doing comedy for two years and hated that show – I got better at comedy so I wrote a new one. For this one I got the title from a title-generator online so I thought it was a funny title and I’ve kind of just written for that title.

What kind of themes does the new show, Dreamer in The Mist, touch on?

Mostly art and the meaning behind art, kind of how money plays a role in that as well. Being a poor fine arts graduate has informed a lot of my writing.

Compared to your other shows, how is this show different?

It’s heaps better. It’s such a good show, the other shows were so bad. Also the other shows I’ve done I’ve only ever done one or two-night runs, I’ve never toured them, so this is the first time touring a show and the first time doing a full run of comedy festival. There is a lot more AV in this show as well and just overall way funnier.

So more physical interactive stuff?

Yeah, for sure.

So you mentioned this is your first proper touring run. How are you preparing for that?

It will definitely be the longest. I live in fear of getting sick or losing my voice so I’ve just been asking for a lot of advice from people. I’ve been told to eat Greek Salads and drink a lot of pineapple juice and I’ve updated my mental healthcare plan so I’m all set, I’m ready.

So for people who haven’t seen your show before what can they expect from this?

I would say if you’re interested in what’s in the centre of a Venn Diagram with Ryan Seacrest and the Vietnam war, I try and fill that gap.


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Why comedy over other art forms?

I think it’s the only one where I can express myself creatively and still not be taken seriously.

What excites you most about performing in Melbourne and the comedy festival in general?

Basically that I can go back to my house after the show and sit down and eat in my own kitchen.

So you’re not going to be out partying all night?

Oh my god, no, I’ve done my time. I think this year I’m very focused on staying healthy and not over-exerting myself so I’m planning on heading straight home after my set.

Okay, we’ll have to hold you to that.

Please do, I’m very extroverted, it’s going to be very hard.

Do you have a favourite heckler moment?

Yes, it was not directed at me but it happened immediately after I got off stage in Brisbane; someone dropped a beer onto the table below me and I feel like if that didn’t sum up how my gig went that night I don’t know what will?

You can catch Emma Holland performing her 2022 show, Dreamer in The Mist from March 31 to April 24 at The Melbourne International Comedy Festival. To find out more about the show and to purchase tickets head on over here