Emerging punks CLAMM make their Melbourne Music Week debut at The Curtin

Emerging punks CLAMM make their Melbourne Music Week debut at The Curtin

Words by Arielle Richards

Joined by rising Melbourne avant-pop outfit Eggy.

Lauded for their place at the forefront of a “new wave” of thoughtful, deeply-considered punk ricocheting through the Melbourne music scene, CLAMM will be making their highly-anticipated Melbourne Music Week debut at The Curtin this February.

Rife with authentic angst and impassioned discourse, CLAMM’s lyrics confront issues pertinent to contemporary Australia, discussing themes of materialism, anti-violence and mental health. While the measured approach to their songwriting places them within a whole new realm of refreshing, modern punk, their on-stage presence is distinctly contradictory – it’s high energy, high momentum, high intensity.

Early 2020 saw the release of CLAMM’s debut album, Beseech Me. Full of powerful lyrics, clamouring riffs and immensely enjoyable tracks, ‘Beseech Me’ gives just a small glimpse of the pure fun to be had when CLAMM play live.

In support are avant-pop quintet Eggy, whose idiosyncratic beats are a surreal, unusual yet highly infectious bop. Eggy’s music is described as displaying influences from garage-pop to absurdist collage, supplanted by off-kilter hooks and an unmistakable post-punk flair. With all that and more, it’s guaranteed their eccentric melodies will have you shimmying, shaking and possibly contemplating, well into the night.

Don’t miss CLAMM and Eggy when they hit The Curtin on Friday February 12. Get your tickets here.