Dyan Tai’s new single ‘Narrative’ is a powerful and timely ‘celebration of identity’

Dyan Tai’s new single ‘Narrative’ is a powerful and timely ‘celebration of identity’

Dyan Tai Narrative
Words by Lucas Radbourne

Sydney singer, DJ and producer Dyan Tai has released a synth pop anthem with new single ‘Narrative’

Narrative showcases Tai’s diverse skillset, effortlessly combining traditional Asian instrumentation (Guzheng, Gamelan and Taiko drums) with his expansive genderless falsettos in a contemporary electronic production.

The vibrant melody driving Tai’s dreamy-yet-soulful synth pop is a real highlight of the track, signalling his unique place in the Australian contemporary pop market.

What you need to know

  • Dyan Tai’s new single Narrative is a smooth blend of traditional and modern elements
  • Tai is a celebrated advocate for Queer & Trans People of Colour (QTPOC)
  • He’s the recipient of the 2021 Generations Fellowship by Create NSW

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Tai wrote, recorded and produced Narrative himself during the current COVID lockdown, which compliments the powerful sense of ownership that encapsulates the song’s meaning. “Narrative is a celebration of identity; especially right now where it is even more crucial to take ownership of how our stories are told,” Tai says.

The release also includes exquisite cover art inspired by Chinese mythology, “the bitten peach”, a symbol of love between men in China. The new release will also be accompanied by a 3D art video; both designed by Chinese-Australian artist Juune Lee.

Dyan’s previous single, “Freedom” was well-received and featured on ABC Queer and SBS Australia. Released in November 2020, “Freedom” includes a music video which explores the history of drag in Chinese opera and featured a historic 100% Queer Asian cast.

His 2021 follow-up single and video Expiratory is a finalist for Diversity Art’s “I am not a virus” campaign and was featured on ABC Art Works.

His music and activism has also seen him featured on the “Chinese-Australian” episode of the ABC iView’s award-winning series “You Can’t Ask That”.

Tai has a notable aesthetic that compliments his work, but his major strength has been his dedication to using his platform to raise visibility for Queer & Trans People of Colour (QTPOC) as the creator of Worship Queer Collective. As part of this collective, he’s produced inclusive LGBTQI/QPOC events such as Worship Queer Cabaret and the Dynasty Social.

The songwriter’s dedication to his art and activism also saw him handpicked for the prestigious 2021 Generations Fellowship by Create NSW. He’ll receive a $25,000 grant, studio space at the Powerhouse Museum and industry mentoring from momentous Sydney touring company Astral People.

All of these achievements and more and why Tai’s increasingly becoming a Sydney figurehead among the growing global movement to unite Queer Asians and QTBIPOC communities across the world.

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