Drop Coffee is Melbourne’s coffee delivery service, bringing specialty beans to your door

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Drop Coffee is Melbourne’s coffee delivery service, bringing specialty beans to your door

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No wonder Melbourne’s the coffee capital of the world.

We can count ourselves lucky down here in the education state, we’re home to a number of the best cafes and coffee vendors this side of the equator. But in this time of increasing costs of living, it’s getting harder and harder to make coffee at home cheaply, you may as well just lease a café.

But if you do consider yourself a bit of a coffee connoisseur, it’s a timely process to actually get out there and try all the different bean vendors, purchase fresh beans, and attempt to recreate that perfect cup.

These days of hours-long research will be behind you with a Melbourne coffee bean delivery business, Drop Coffee, bringing a brand-new personalised pack of beans to your door every single week.

Head to drop.coffee now to see the incredible range for yourself.

We’ve all been here before: after a big night, that satisfying waddle down to the coffee machine, only to see last scoop of your $59 ground espresso was used by your roommate, and he’s replaced it with a home brand bag that cost $3, so you may as well go without the soy latte you just had a dream about. But you’ll never be without coffee again with the amazing offerings from Drop Coffee.

Unsurprisingly, where Drop Coffee really stands out is the quality of the roasters they offer, including Small Batch, Market Lane, Fieldwork, Mecca and Sample, just to name a few. Perhaps most interestingly, you’ll never receive beans from the same roaster twice in a row. Drop Coffee often updates their website with information about the roasters they are using in their packs, so you’re able to really enhance the whole experience.

The benefits of better beans

Sure, it’s easy enough to grab a pack of beans for a few bucks from a grocery shop, but there’s actually a lot of benefits in acquiring beans of a higher quality, mainly, the antioxidants that spread through the pack, working to benefit you in a variety of ways. It’s not an easy task to find a good quality pack of beans for cheap, but Drop Coffee scours the market and acquires only the best beans for their customers.

With each box coming with a new pack of beans from a different spot, their website will regularly update with a few tasting notes and additional information about the roaster and provider, really enhancing the coffee making and drinking experience.

Most important of all, Drop Coffee has a motto when it comes to finding roasters to include in their subscription boxes; ‘Supporting Australian roasters, delivering great coffee.’ In this day and age, it’s common for businesses to try and cut costs through using producers and providers that maybe aren’t of the highest quality, and try to increase their profit margins by charging high prices to customers.

Cracking your coffee cost concerns

But Drop Coffee are able to still bring an inexpensive price to customers while still supporting the best Australian roasters, so you can be sure your hard earned money is going to the right place.

There’s no question that when anyone from interstate or abroad thinks of Melbourne, the first thing that comes to mind is coffee. Out state is jam packed with so many killer cafes and coffee vendors, each bringing something new and fun to the scene.

But as many of us know firsthand, finding a pack of beans that actually tastes good can be a bit hit or miss, so forget traversing the hipster suburbs of northern Melbourne to find a pack of quality beans. Drop Coffee can save you time and money with a few different inexpensive coffee packs, delivering them to your door on a regular basis with their subscription packages.

Saving your sanity with subscription services

Melburnians can get a little bit picky when it comes to their daily boost of caffeine, a lot of different factors come into consideration; roast type, origin, process, grind levels, and plenty more. Drop Coffee has taken all these factors and are delivering it in a simple process for customers, allowing them to choose their own.

They’ve got a selection of focused subscriptions for all different types of coffee fans, from the at home aficionados to the workplace baristas, you’ll be able to find a package at Drop Coffee to suit all your cup of joe needs.

When it comes to their range of subscriptions, Drop Coffee allows customers to build their own boxes, you’re able to choose things such as size, grind, and roast, these are things that patrons aren’t really able to choose when buying coffee beans on any other occasion. On top of that, Drop Coffee isn’t like other subscription packages out there, this business allowing you to pick the frequency of delivery too.

Today we’re going to break down the packs, and dive into how it all works.

The nuts and bolts of how Drop Coffee works

To kick it off, for all personal orders, you’ll start with the size of your bean bag, that correlating directly to how many coffees you have each day, Drop Coffee providing bag sizes from 1 to 7 coffees each day, truly appealing to all different types of Melbourne coffee drinkers. It’s also worth diving into the gram amount of grounds in your latte, a double shot usually taking 20g or so, the single shot version only taking 10g or so.

When it comes to trying to find beans, one of the hardest things for coffee connoisseurs is trying to determine roast types, it often being not very clear on packaging or in store, but it’s one of the most integral factors when trying to make a good cup of coffee.

After choosing the size of your beans, customers have the opportunity for choosing a roast type, a factor of purchase often restricted for only the fanciest of coffee purchasers. Roast type has a lot to do with the flavour of the eventual cup. There’s two types of roast on offer at Drop Coffee; espresso and filter.

Espresso roast is definitely the more used out of the two, it’s usually what you can find in store at most grocery shops and is used by most cafes. When the beans have been espresso roasted, it involves roasting the fresh beans for longer at a hotter temperature. The hotter roast also means the ground beans are finer, helping to make that latte an extremely smooth cup.

This type of roast is perfect for those fancy espresso machines that you usually see at cafes or your rich friend’s house. Or it’s the type of roast to use if you’re a stovetop coffee maker. It’s the only the type of roast you can put in an espresso machine too.

The other type of roast offered by Drop Coffee is filter. When that’s initially roasted, you’ll get it a cooler temperature for a short period of time, which means you’ll get a different tasting eventual cup of coffee, the cooler temperature and other differing roast levels will actually give the cup a sweet taste. Filter coffee is usually best for those who use a drip machine or French press. Espresso roast beans can be used in those machines as well.

Drop Coffee making sure everyone’s able to find something that’ll suit their needs. After deciding what roast type will be best for you and the coffee making implements you own, you’ll need to choose the type of grind. The grind type of one of the most important factors for Melburnians when it comes to their bean buying criteria.

Espresso grind, AeroPress, pourover, stovetop, and plunger

Once again, Drop Coffee do a spectacular job in making sure they appeal to the masses with their offerings, with a plethora of grind types being available for purchase. These are espresso grind, AeroPress, pourover, stovetop, and plunger.

Firstly, you can choose not to have any grind at all, rather receive the package with full beans, and if you’ve got a coffee grinder at home, you can tailor the grind to your own tastes.

Espresso grind is the finest type, said to be slightly finer than table salt, resulting in a cup of coffee that is bound to pack a punch. This type of grind is best to use in an espresso machine.

Next up, there’s the AeroPress grind, which as the name suggests, is best to use if the AeroPress is a staple in your coffee making.

Then we’ve got the pourover grind, which is slightly rougher than the previous grinds, being rougher to warrant the higher amount of water that is running through the process. It’s the same roughness as sand. Once again, as the name suggests, this grind is aptly titled, perfect for pourover kits.

The stovetop grind is next on the list, it’s slightly coarser than an espresso grind, helping to extract the perfect amount of flavour.

Finally, there’s the plunger grind, the coarsest of them all, similar to sea salt. Yet again, as the name suggests, this grind is suited for plunger / French press users.

First you master quality, then you nail quantity

Finally, coffee lovers can choose how often they want their delicious beans delivered, you can choose fortnightly or monthly, Drop Coffee helping you to make coffee shopping a thing of the past.

If you need more of a reason to consider purchasing Drop Coffee, You’ll never receive beans from the same roaster twice in a row. The team at Drop Coffee really make sure they find only the best.

In the pack, you’ll receive two bags of coffee, along with a QR code, which after scanning, you’ll be moved onto Drop Coffee’s website, where you’ll find more information about the beans received. The beans are also perfectly timed to reach you, it’ll hit your door around 7 days after roasting, which is considered the perfect age to start drinking.

The world of food and drink is in a vastly different place than it was 10 years ago, we can get virtually anything delivered to our doors within a few days. But alongside that, there’s been a vast increase in waste, poor packaging, and landfill.

Many groups have called for businesses to rethink their packaging, with the move slowly going in the right direction. With online shopping and subscription food and drink services becoming increasingly popular over the last few years, there’s been an increased call for changes in packaging, with a lot of materials from online orders going straight into landfill.

Drop Coffee has made sure this isn’t the case with their packaging, with all their packaging being eco-friendly, so there’s no reason to feel bad about a fresh bag of coffee rolling up to your door every few weeks.

The bonuses

Every roaster that Drop Coffee work with are environmentally conscious, and most are delivered carbon neutral as well, making sure there’s eco-friendly processes evert step of the way. More information about the ethical practices can be found on Drop Coffee’s site here.

It’s getting increasingly difficult to find a good delivery service, many Australians don’t like when subscription services feel a little bit locked in and hard to move around; where you can’t cancel easily, can’t alter deliveries or pause while you’re away on a trip.

Drop Coffee once again excels with their customer relationship, allowing you to cancel at anytime, pause, skip and reschedule deliveries, change how often you receive the coffee beans, and perhaps coolest of all, you can even switch between products & grind settings while you wait for your next delivery to come.

Perhaps most important of all is Drop Coffee’s range of affordable prices. For the first pack, you’re looking at around $24.50, all the way up to the 1000g pack which is $69.50, both of which equate to not even $2 a coffee, saving you a fair amount of money. When coupled with free delivery, there’s no reason you shouldn’t give this a go.

One other pack worth mentioning is the office pack, so if you’re in charge of the machine at work, Drop Coffee has another range ready for you to dive into, each box has 2 bags, and you can order sizes from 500g to 6kg.

In a coffee loving town with $6 espresso shots and bags of ground coffee that’ll make you behind on rent, Drop Coffee is the shop we all desperately need at the moment, delivering the stuff we love to our doors.

Who can complain about that?

Save time and save money with Drop Coffee. Check out more information and purchase your subscription here.

This article was made in partnership with Drop Coffee.