Don’t miss what’s happening this month at The Merri Bar: The heart of live music in Preston

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Don’t miss what’s happening this month at The Merri Bar: The heart of live music in Preston

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Words by Ashlynn Hannah

June at the Merri Bar consists of warm mulled cider, hard-to-miss Happy Hour deals and a jazz-packed lineup of local acts every Saturday and Sunday.

The brains behind the venue can always be counted on to deliver the finest selection of folk, flamenco and acoustic music to feast your ears on.

The bar itself has enough room for you and your furry friend with a dog-friendly beer garden nestled out the back, and like any venue that seeks to go above and beyond, it has a pool table free of charge no matter the time or day!

Merri Bar

  • 15 Gilbert Road, Preston
  • Happy hour on weekdays 3-6pm 
  • Trivia every Tuesday 7pm

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On the weekends, settle in for some cheap drinks to accompany the killer tunes, with $12 spritzes from noon til 5pm and $12 Bloody Merri’s all Sunday long.

If you’re wondering if there’s more, Merri Bar hosts an open mic night on the first Thursday of every month, meaning this month’s competition will fall on June 6 starting at 7pm. If you want to be the next local act to grace the Merri Bar roster, don’t wait to sign up via the link.

Girl Friday

  • Saturday, June 1 at 7pm

Transport back in time to bygone days with Girl Friday’s rich vocals and lyrics that will tug at one’s heartstrings. Melbourne-based Tracey Hogue is a singer-songwriter guaranteed to deliver a night of folk, jazz and blues. Girl Friday at Merri Bar will be an evening predestined to evoke an atmosphere of nostalgia.

Brooklyn ‘86

  • Sunday, June 2 at 4pm

Why go to New Orleans when New Orleans can come to you? Brooklyn ‘86 is bringing the high energy and the street beat of the famous city to Melbourne’s very own Merri Bar. Elements of jazz, hip-hop and funk – I know where I would want to be on a Sunday arvo!

Liam Gooding

  • Saturday, June 8 at 7pm

Liam Gooding is a multi-talented musician who brings his knowledge of the guitar, keyboard, loop pedals and drum machines combined with his vocals for a performance you won’t quickly forget. Liam is guaranteed to bring the acoustic covers you know and love. Perch up at the bar with your drink of choice and soak in the music!

Karlo Arcinue

  • Sunday, June 9 at 4pm

Melbourne’s very own James Taylor – Karlo Arcinue started sharing his music online during lockdown and has since gained a loyal and widespread following. Heavily influenced by the sounds of 70s folk, his music has a feel-good vibe with a local spin. With over a hundred original written songs under his belt, Karlo’s acts will never grow tiresome.

Dan Dinnen

  • Saturday, June 15 at 7pm

We got a bit of guitar fingerpicking, a taste of the harmonica and a whole lot of singing down at the Merri Bar courtesy of Dan Dinnen. A talented singer-songwriter who knows how to strip back ballads and play some sick minor keys that will fulfill your need for some groovy blues. Dan is sure to transport you with his blues of the past.

Evan Carydakis

  • Sunday, June 16 at 4pm

Who doesn’t love jazz? With 25 years of experience under his belt, Evan Carydakis is prepared to swoon the afternoon’s audience by performing his latest single Paradise Beach on the saxophone. Proven to evoke the enchanting Greek island of Mykonos, who said you couldn’t live out your European summer dreams right here in Melbourne.


  • Saturday, June 22 at 7pm

A quintessential Melbourne band, Crumbe has the sound of the post-punk grit that can be heard within every bandroom in Melbourne. The band brings a combination of pop, surf, indie and love-washed characterised lyrics courtesy of songwriter Connie Ogan. Having previously performed at the Tote and the Brunswick Artists Bar, among others, Crumbe is a lively act that is sure to warm up an audience on a brisk June winter’s night.

Rosario De Marco

  • Sunday, June 23 at 4pm

Musician, composer and skilled guitarist – Rosario De Marco is bringing his renowned sound that has elements from flamenco to jazz and all the way to popular music. His sound is hard to define in a few words but we can guarantee won’t leave you unsatisfied. A true master of his craft, Rosario has a unique sound and melodious style that needs to be watched.

Ebi Nori

  • Saturday, June 29 at 7pm

Get a fix of soul funk and hear a fusion of grunge and punk from Ebi Nori. Known to bring raw, political and personal lyrics that are influenced by the current political climate, Ebi Nori speaks the facts with her strong but soulful voice. An act you’ll be lucky to witness!

The Dusty Dimes

  • Sunday, June 30 at 4pm

Frequenting Melbourne venues since 2017, The Dusty Dimes are an upbeat, swampy, smokey, foot-tapping blues duo. The sound of the electric guitar paired with the harmonica draws on old-school artists such as RL Burnside and John-Lee Hooker. They’ll be sure to sweep you away to the South of the USA!

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