Dolly Diamond and Tash York’s Attention Seekers is part Ted Talk, part delusion

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Dolly Diamond and Tash York’s Attention Seekers is part Ted Talk, part delusion

Two great friends, with two of the greatest egos.

Each is desperate for the limelight and willing to do almost anything for attention…

In this no-holds-barred quest for success coming to the Brunswick Ballroom stage on Friday November 25, Dolly Diamond and Tash York take you through the trials and tribulations of what it’s like to hold the centre of attention. Expect a mixture of feel-good tunes, hilarious partly true stories and an offering of sage advice to others suffering their affliction.

Attention Seekers: Dolly Diamond and Tash York

  • Dolly Diamond and Tash York’s attention-seeking cabaret
  • 6:30pm, Fri 25 November, 2022 at Brunswick Ballroom
  • Tickets, including dinner and a show, available here

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Uplifting and hilarious, part Ted Talk and part delusion, this award-winning cabaret duo will show why we all deserve attention …but they deserve it even more. We previously reviewed Tash York’s These Things Take Wine and praised her as captivating, extremely talented and will immerse you in her musical world, noting her phenomenal vocals and hilarious tales combining in one of the most entertaining forms of cabaret you’ll see.

Dolly Diamond is one of Australia’s most prolific performers, who has graced stages at a variety of events, festivals and shows across the world.

In terms of history, Diamond’s alter ego and manager Michael Dalton hit our sunburned shores with his UK family when he was 12, growing up in Ringwood. Although relatively unscathed by the eastern ‘burbs, Dalton returned to London for a stint in The Rocky Horror Show, later touring as a backing singer for Julian Clary and in Richard O’Brien’s post-Rocky production Disgracefully Yours.

Eventually, though, Dalton was lured back to Australia, moving here permanently from London nine years ago and becoming a citizen in 2013. From the start, Diamond carved out a niche for herself: at a time everyone else was lip-synching, Diamond had a voice to give Liza a run for her money.

Since then, it’s been a bit of give and take. As much as we hailed her performances, Diamond says we shaped her. “You hone your craft as you go along and years of working with an Australian audience toughens you up,” Diamond explains.

“I got my grounding in London, but I flourished in Australia. I like to have an audience that knows how to have a good time, and they do over in the UK, but this country’s made for it.” 

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